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McNeil Majestics Booster Club Newsletter - September 2016

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From the Director:

Majestic Families,

I am thrilled to be kicking off this new year with all of you. We spent a fun filled summer prepping and planning to have another successful year. Starting with Officer camp in June our Line and Socials officers spent hours on end growing in leadership skills, dance technique, and planning out our year. This, along with the amazing work that was put in at Line camp, the team bonding we did at NEWKS, and the sweat and determination that was put in at work week was exactly the recipe we needed to start this year off right!

Mrs. Starnes and I are so excited to see the incredible work ethic that has been displayed, and we know that this is a great sign of what's to come. Thank you to all of you for your incredible support. We can't wait to see you all at the games watching these beautiful ladies perform under the Friday Night Lights.

High Kicks and High Hopes for an AMAZING year!


Brooke Solomon


Senior Spotlight: Emilia Vieira

Birthday: October 4th
Favorite Majestic Memory: Aw man, I have so many priceless memories from Majis! I'd have to say our failed shoelace prank at team retreat, making up the team rap in Galveston, and spending countless hours laughing in Sol's office have to be some of my favorites.
Favorite movie: Harry Potter!
Favorite book: Harry Potter!
Favorite food: Basically anything that's not a vegetable. I love snow cones!!!
Hobbies: Dancing (of course), singing, reading, running & working out, and spending time with my friends! Also, I would be remiss not to mention playing recorder. :-)
When I was little, I wanted to... Grow up and star on Broadway.
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? To an alternate universe where the MAVS win all of their football games.
Three favorite things that make you happy: Sunshine, turtlenecks and vests, and making music with my friends!

Majestic of the Week and Officer's Choice

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Happy Birthday!


Rachel Aug. 4

Jescenya Aug. 27

Sophie Aug. 30


Davonni Sept. 13

Ruth Sept. 13

Julia Sept. 19

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 10: Contest Practice

Sept. 13: Executive Board Meeting 6:00pm @ MHS

Sept. 13: Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm @MHS

Sept. 23: Pep Rally

Oct. 3: Sister Kick Practice @ Westwood

Oct. 5: Sister Kick Practice @ Kelly Reeves Stadium

Oct. 6: Pep Rally

Oct. 6: Homecoming Game

Upcoming Football Games

McNeil vs. Harker Heights

Thursday, Sep. 1st, 7pm

10211 West Parmer Lane

Austin, TX

McNeil vs. Del Valle

Friday, Sep. 9th, 7:30pm

5201 Ross Road


McNeil vs. Killeen

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 7:30pm

500 North 38th Street

Killeen, TX

McNeil vs. Pflugerville

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 7pm

Dragon Stadium, Round Rock, TX, United States

Round Rock, TX

McNeil vs Cedar Ridge

Friday, Sep. 30th, 7pm

10211 West Parmer Lane

Austin, TX

Line Camp, Team Retreat, Colt Camp, Meet the Mavs

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McNeil Majestics Board

Director: Brooke Solomon

President: David Crow

Co- Vice Presidents: Connie Ojeda, Stacey Bean

Treasurer: Alex Chan

Co-Historians: Heather Solis, David Maynard
Co-Corresponding Secretaries: Anne Lippert and Elise Fretwell

Co-recording Secretaries: J. Lee Haney and Renee Mynier

Webmaster: Jenny Crow

Parliamentarian: David Schneider

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