Bad Tobacco Bad

Dalia Casanova

4 physical consequences

When a person smokes their is a lot of consequences like ageing your skin and i am pretty sure that most people do not want to look old.It also makes your fingers yellow and stain and that looks very nasty.It.Smoking can also lead to bad breath and when you get bad breath nobody would want to talk to you.You can also get bladder cancer and that is very bad.

4 social consequences

Smoking can also effect you socially like when you are smoking and someone is beside you then they can also be effected.Also you would not be able to go places with friends and family because then some places are smoke free zone.It can also effect your friends because then they think it is cool and they would want to start smoking and it will be because you gave them the example to do it.It wold also cost a lot of money because when you smoke one you want to do a lot of time so you have to pay for a lot of cigarettes.

2 ways tobacco affects mental and emotional health

Well once that you start smoking you would be addicted to it and you would want to have more and more.So then you are going to keep asking for more and more.You can also feel peer pressure because then when they tell you how cool it is then you would want to smoke.So then you will get addicted to it like the person that gave it to you.
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How smoking is bad

Well you should not smoke because it has over 4,000 chemicals and some of them can lead to cancer.It also ages you skin and you do not want to look old.It can also effect other people by them inhaling the smoke.Once you start smoking it you start to get addicted to it.Sometimes you think that it is okay to smoke and you start smoking.Some people do it because of peer pressure and they do not think about the consequences that they are going to have so they end up getting really sick or with cancer.Tobacco cost a lot of money so people waste their money to get sick.So it might be the best to not smoke and if you already started then stop.