Stress/Mental Illness

Created By: Alliyah Stevenson

Stress defying, Differences & Responses

Stress: Mental or Emotional pressure happening during a rough or high standards.

The signs of a "good" stress outcome could be achieving your daily things, helping you to reach your most desirable goals & can most definitely help you remember and get other tasks done.

Signs of "bad" stress would probably be having troubles trying to stay on task and achieve your daily routines, changes in a persons appetite & having a hard time trying to sleep/stay awake.

Your own body's response to stress is by sending out a whole bunch of stress hormones including cortisol and adrenaline.

Emo., Healthy & Unhealthy

The emotions stress could cause both breathing, heart & blood rates to increase effectively. Your muscles can easily tense up. Cause fatigue, sleeping problems and deep changes in your appetite.

Great stress relievers for your body would be getting active, sleeping more going out with friends or simply interacting with others. Unhealthy ways would be using drugs and alcohol, snacking on junk food, Watching too much TV and possibly sleeping way too much.