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"Oh! The Places We'll Go!"

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WHAT'S NEW? (June 5th, 2015)

Hi Parents,
As our year comes to a close, we reflect back on what a busy, yet fun, year we had! We enjoyed getting to know your children as learners and, more importantly, as people. We shared a lot of laughs and appreciated our time together!

A huge thank you to all parents who have contributed to our classroom in any way. We could not have had such a successful year without your support.

I would like to welcome all families to please keep in touch! We always enjoy hearing about what is going on in your child's life after 5th grade.

Please encourage your child to read over the summer. Read, read, and read! Anything of interest is fine. Has your child joined the Northbrook Public Library reading incentive program? If not, you can head over there anytime to sign up.

Enjoy your summer!
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Mirza

P.S. This will be our last class newsletter of the year.
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This week in Math, the students learned about Algebra. They used a program called Hands-On Equations, where they moved from concrete to abstract thinking to understand algebra.
"Why do we have to learn algebra? Am I ever going to use this in my life? " they asked. Well, yes, if you are going to be an electrician, architect, animator, physicist, engineer, or computer scientist to name a few. Algebra is the gateway to success in the 21st century. It helps students to develop abstract reasoning skills necessary for life. It is problem-solving at its best and that is something we do each day and in EVERY profession. Hopefully, your child had a "positive" experience with his/her first introduction to the concept.


This week in Science, the students learned more about atoms. They discovered that atoms always have as many protons as electrons and that there are more than just two shells of electrons. Next week: Explaining the difference between elements, mixtures, and compounds and the Periodic Table of Elements. (Take a look at the picture on the left of the Periodic Table that Kate made.)

In Science Lab, the students learned about making and using a hydrometer. A hydrometer is an instrument used to determine the density of liquids. They make one using a drinking straw, clay, and some bb's for ballasts. They used this to test the density of unknown solutions. They also leaned about acids and bases using pH levels.

Reader's Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop, the students learned about Civil Rights. We read two picture books called, Let's Talk About Race, and Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down. They read short text on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and saw pictures of the Lorraine Motel, in Memphis, TN, which was the location of his assassination. The students also learned about Rosa Parks, the buy boycotts, and what segregation means.

Writer's Workshop

This week in Writer's Workshop, they continued writing an informational book using ibook author. Looking forward to the final product.

Dress Code

Just a reminder, that as the weather gets warmer, the students are pulling out their summer clothes. We want to make sure that all students are comfortable at school. Please help your students make sure their summer clothes still fit appropriately from last year and send them to school in clothes that are appropriate as well as comfortable. Here is a copy of the district's dress code for your reference from the student handbook.

Students must wear modest, clean clothing appropriate for school or a special activity. Depending on the season of the year, shorts and short-sleeved shirts are permitted. The length of shorts and skirts should be at least mid-thigh. Pants are to be worn at the waistline and bare midriffs are prohibited. Hats, head coverings and sunglasses may not be worn in the school building. There may be authorized exceptions for particular events. Clothing with inappropriate or disrespectful words or pictures may not be worn to school. Any attire that distracts from the orderly school environment is not permitted.


Next week on Wednesday, Mrs. Mirza, her friend, and her mother-in-law will be teaching us a bit about the Pakistani culture. Our students have the opportunity to get Henna put on their hands and/or try some Pakistani foods.
There is a PINK permission slip inside your child's Friday folder. Please sign and return on Monday. Thanks!

Upcoming Events/Reminders

    • Monday, June 8th
    • County Fair (5:45-7:45)

    • Wednesday, June 10th
    • 5th Grade Brunch (2-3)

    • Thursday, June 11th
    • Field Day (AM)

    • Friday, June 12th
    • End of the Year Assembly (1:00)
    • Watch Yearbook Video (2:00)
    • Last Day of School

    Ask Your Child About.....

    * tie-dye day
    * finishing Chasing Lincoln's Killer
    * the fire drill
    * Music class
    * their Informational book