Ocean Ecosystem

Welcome 4th Graders and Families!

Dear Families,

Welcome to fourth grade! It is a new year and I can't wait to get to know everyone better. We will be doing many new and exciting activities in science this year and this newsletter will be one way that I keep everyone updated. I will be sending out a newsletter once a week on Fridays. It will update families with what their studens did the week before and what will be coming the following week.

For our first science unit we will be learning about the ocean ecosystem! This unit will take place over the course of two weeks, September 17, 2013-September 28, 2013, and consist of several fun, hands on lessons.

I can't wait to get started!

Hannah Rotar


(608) 527-6251 ex:1234


This section of the newsletter will be where I put some ideas that guardians can use to help their students at home. I will also include opportunities for families to come into the classroom and help our class! Anything that families can do is greatly appreciated!

At home:

Encourage students to explore interest in any ocean life!

If available, provide books or other resources for your child.

Allow students to ask questions about ocean life and, if possible, explore answers with them.

As always:

Guardians are always welcome to come help in the classroom!