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MAP Assessment Logistics and End of Year Activities

Hello Hardin Middle School Parents, Guardians, and Community,

We are coming close to the end of the current school year, and we have so much to plan, execute, and celebrate! The month of May gives our students the opportunity to show what we know academically via our MAP assessment, display our musical talent, and celebrate our graduating eighth graders. This letter will describe and outline the last weeks of the school year and we look forward to your continued support.

Take care,

Dr. Darryl S. Diggs, Jr.


Hardin Middle School

Missouri Assessment Program

Our Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test will be administered the week of May 2nd through May 20, 2022. The building will maintain a normal schedule, with students attending their classes like normal. When our students enter their English, Math, or Science classes, they will take the appropriate assessment during the time allotted.

These are the highlights:

  • Hardin Middle School will be in “testing mode” the entire time during our MAP window.

  • It is very important for students to be on time for school in the morning.

    • Late arrivals will hinder progress and cause delays.

    • Absent students will take the missed assessment during “make-up” days.

  • Students will test in their content area class period.

    • Book bags will be placed in the front of the classroom

    • All cell phones will be placed in the students' bookbag.

    • Student water bottles must be clear, or their water bottle will be placed in the front with their book bag.

  • Virtual students will come into the building and test in the Hardin Middle School Library on 5/3, 5/4, 5/5, and 5/9.

    • Virtual students will be excused from all classes while testing.

    • Virtual students can utilize transportation via school bus.

How to help your student do their best:

  • Eat breakfast at home or in the cafeteria

  • Bring a clear water bottle for testing

  • Dress comfortably

  • Get a good night's sleep

  • Eat lunch

  • Charge your Chromebook each night

  • Be on time and avoid absences

  • Communicate with your student about the MAP schedule

Big picture

MAP Testing Needs

Inexpensive headphones


Graph Paper

Loose-leaf Paper

Jolly Ranchers

#2 Pencils

AAA Batteries

End of the School Year Dates

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7th Grade Awards Night

This opportunity will be for select 7th-grade students who have earned department awards and special recognition from the school. This is on May 23rd at 6:00 pm in the Hardin Middle School gym.

8th Grade Celebration

Hardin Middle School will create a ceremony to celebrate, honor, and send off our 8th graders. Each 8th grader will be able to bring four guests to the ceremony. Tickets will be given to the student to then give to their parent/guardian. We will celebrate on Tuesday, May 24th at 6:00 pm, in the Hardin Middle Gym.

Each student will be recognized by having their name called and various awards given. Students will be seated on the gym floor and their parents/guardians will sit in the bleachers. Again, each student is only allowed four tickets.

Good Standing (Character)

If a student makes an error in his/her decision-making and receives a consequence of Out of School Suspension and/or In-School Suspension, the student will need to work towards getting back into Good Standing. Students will have a variety of tasks and assistance to help them earn their way back into Good Standing.

When a student is not in Good Standing, due to receiving ISS or OSS, they cannot participate in school events that take place at Hardin Middle School. This includes school assemblies, field trips, dances, and after-school activities.

  • A student must be in Good Standing 1week prior to a school event (Field Trip, Assembly, etc)

  • Some events may require longer time frames than 48 hours from the event due to fees, but that information will be provided in advance so that all parties are informed.