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The problum

The problum is two parties just is not enough to create a legitamate choice

The solution

Fixing this is as easy as adding a third party!

Two parties is NOT enough

The third party would meet both of the other parties in the middle, creating a third party. this would take what the candidate believs are the better points from both parties to create an in the middle party, between domocrat and republican. The 2 party system threatens our choice of a leader and affects all people. The main reason we have a two party system is because we are following history

Pros and Cons


Moderate party

best of both worlds

more choice

more people might vote

more than 2 choices



More competitive

more political comercials

need someone to be the third party candidate

People are already doing it!

people are already waiting for this party to come out it is not just you. People who are considered moderates, they could be your neighbor, lots of people want already want to be a part of this party!