Social Responsibility

By: Ryan Reische 6th per.

Example of a Socially responsible company

Company name: Danone

Company Owners: Frank Riboud (chairman) and Emannuel Faber (Vice Chairman and CEO)

Social responsibility: Providing jobs for those who need them and lowering carbon emissions. Working to make their yogurt healthier for people.

Helped the environment/public: Provide jobs for those who need work and they began cutting back on the amount of pollution created from factories. Focusing on the health of the customers that consume their products.

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Example of a socially irresponsible company

Name of company: McDonalds

Company owners: Richard and Maurice McDonald

non-Social responsibility: Workers are paid low wages and may not have many benefits.Worker may work in unsafe or unsanitary environments.

How they hurt people/Environment: They have unhealthy food choices on their menus and their workers aren't paid very much to make a living off of. Workplace may not be very safe or may be unclean due to laziness or bad management.

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