the science of exoplanets

exoplanets are cool

what is an exoplanet

An exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star other than the sun. Examples, pollux b, Alpha centauri Bd and about 400 others.

How to find an exoplanet

we can find exoplanets by the frequency of the radiation given off by the star. A receding star gives off red light while an advancing star gives off blue light.

what kinds of exoplanets have we found?

We have named and discovered about 400 exoplanets. Most of the planets we have found are large Jupiter like planets where very little exoplanets so far appear to be rocky planets.

Where have we found most exoplanets?

If a quarter was the size of the solar system, then most of the exoplanets we have found have been the size of manhattan, while the milky way is the size of the United states.