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News for the week of November 19-30

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November 14: Our first digital newsletter

Conferences: November 13, 15, 19

Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 20 - 23

Return to School November 26

Late Start: Dec. 11

Holiday Program December 14

Winter break: Dec 22 - Jan 5

Thanks for coming to conferences!

I have enjoyed talking to each of you during conferences. It is a wonderful opportunity to share with you the growth of your child. One question that has come up several times is, "How can I help my child improve their reading?" "What questions can I ask?"

The obvious questions of, "What are you reading?" and "What is it about?" don't always get the best response.

Here are a few alternatives:

Who was the main character?
What problem did they have?
What happened? or How was the problem solved?
Is there a connection in your life about anything in the story?
(Remember when we went to the park and something like that happened to us.)

You can have the same kind of conversation over a television program. You are encouraging your child to think. I have told your children that you might be asking questions about their reading. That way they'll be prepared with some answers.



Spelling Core Words Unit 11: matter, stand, box, start, that’s

Unit 2 Week 5

And Review Week (Nov. 26-30)

Reading Theme: Snakes

Reading Vocabulary Words: apologize, genuine, harmless, cardboard, slithered, ambulance, weekdays

Reading Strategy: Generate Questions

Reading Skills: Making Inferences

Grammar Skill: Plurals and Possessives

Writing Lesson: Letters of Persuasion

Math- Unit 4 Decimals

We have begun reading decimals to the tenth, hundredth, and thousandths place.

We are also practicing comparing decimals.

Which is larger? 5.62 or 5.7?

The week we return from Thanksgiving break we will:

4.5 Decimal Addition and Subtraction

4.6 Keeping a Bank Balance

4.7 Writing decimals to the tenth, hundredth, and thousandths place.

4.8 Measuring with centimeters

Ask your child to read any decimal.

· grocery store

· gas station

· bills or receipts

We Have Earned a Reward

We have been working toward collecting 50 points for excellent behavior and teamwork. We have met our goal. On Monday we will spend some extra time in the gym and the computer lab. It is also Crazy-Dress-Up Day.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Anne Dickau