Friday Focus

J.M.J. Summer Edition

When is school starting? What will it look like? How will the school day go? And other questions...

HNCS is working on different scenarios, requirements from the State of Michigan, recommendations from the local health department, and input from the Diocese of Marquette. Communication on the school day and routine will be sent out in August. As the situation is ever changing right now, enjoy July, and know HNCS putting together a plan with students, staff, and safety in mind. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - Pray for us!

Middle School Student Athletes...please complete this form and return to school before practices begin. HNCS is working on the fall sports schedule as allowed by the State of Michigan phases and recommendations from MHSAA. In the meantime, be ready by completing and returning the below form.

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Students entering preschool, readiness kindergarten, kindergarten, seventh grade or are new to HNCS - please complete and return the below form to the school office at 409 South 22nd Street Escanaba MI 49829 or in the school dropbox in front of the building. This form is to allow immunization information to be shared with the local health department. Thank you!

Student Policy on Harassment, Bullying and Hazing...please review

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As you trek around the U P - keep your eyes open and camera ready! We would love to see your pictured encounter.

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Remember - as you get ready for school, the dress code has been updated and there are a few small supplies that will be needed.