Orchestra News


December 11 - Winter Concert @ CHS

When: December 11 (See below for arrival and performance times)

Where: Centennial HS Auditorium

What: Concert for all orchestra students

Dress: Formal concert black uniform and holiday accessories

Beginners arrive 6:00 PM

Chamber arrive 6:15 PM

Concert 1 (Beginners & Chamber) Begins 6:30 PM

Philharmonia arrive 7:00 PM

Sinfonia arrive 7:15 PM

Camerata arrive 7:30 PM

Concert 2 (Phil, Sinf, Cam) Begins 7:30 PM

Students are expected to stay for the entirety of their concert. We highly encourage students to attend both concert segments, and students who do so, will receive extra credit provided they complete the required check-in.

Parents, please plan to attend and support your orchestra student in all their hard work and preparation!

Cookie Reception

We will have a small cookie reception following each concert. Some cookies will be provided, but help us make it really fun by bringing a plate or package of cookies to share!

Cookies can be dropped off in the CHS cafeteria when students arrive.

Parents, if you would be willing to help with the reception set-up and serving, please send me an email at lalondec@friscoisd.org

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December 13 - Lawler Orchestra Holiday Party

Invitations have been sent out to students who have met the requirement of having all assignments completed. Please return RSVP slip by this Thursday so we will have a head count for the party.

Lawler Middle School, 6-8 PM

  • Cookie eating
  • gingerbread house making
  • hot cocoa drinking
  • movie watching
  • ugly sweater contest-ing

December 17 - STEAM night

Lawler Middle School, 6-8PM

STEAM night groups will be organized this Thursday and Friday after the concert. Students that are signed up will be given an assigned performance time between 6 - 8 PM.

December 17 - Centennial Winter Concert

Centennial Orchestra will be having their winter concert on December 17th at 7PM.

Admittance is free.

If you're not attending STEAM night, enjoy a fun holiday concert!

December 18 - Chamber Assembly Performance

Chamber Orchestra will perform for our 5th grade feeder elementary campuses at an assembly on December 18th. They should plan to wear orchestra t-shirts and holiday accessories on this day.

Current Events

Who will become a Legendary Llama?

Beginner orchestra has started on their orchestra karate journey and a few students have already earned their White Belts!

Orchestra karate gives students the chance to challenge themselves and move at their own pace to pass varying skills and techniques on their instruments.

Later in the year, we will form a group called the 'Legendary Llamas' which is a group of beginner students who have excelled at their belts and are ready to play extra, and more challenging music.

Llama Masters

Our advanced orchestra students are eager to help beginner orchestra students on note reading, instrument technique, and karate belts.

The Llama Masters are 7th and 8th graders that are available for beginner students to sign-up with for peer tutoring on anything they need. We encourage the 6th grade students to sign up and come to orchestra legend time to gain some new orchestra friends, mentors, and knowledge

Canvas Assignments

Your students have received Canvas assignment checklists to help them stay organized and up-to-date with orchestra homework. Those checklists are pictured below.
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