S.T.E.M Career

By: Melissa Benitez

What are Chemical Engineers?

Chemical Engineers are scientists that work for Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, Management of Companies and Enterprise, Plastics and rubber products manufacturing, Computer and electronic product manufacturing, and finally Administrative and support services. Chemical Engineers work with different chemicals to create, or manufacture a new product. You must have graduated College with a Bachelor's Degree to become a Chemical Engineer. Your Majors can be any of the following: Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Energy, Engineering Chemistry, Paper Science and Engineering. 3 Colleges that offer at least one of these Majors are: University of Texas(Located in Austin, TX), University of Phoenix, and University of New York.

Salary and Demand of job.

The statewide median of what a Chemical Engineer earns is $43.12 every hour at work. This job is well paying comparing it to everyday jobs.

Currently this career is on high demand. There will be about 140 new Chemical Engineering jobs created/needed between 2012-2020. This includes the replacement of retiring employers.

Chemical Engineers

This chart shows you the total percentage of current Chemical Engineers working, How many are just Engineers, and How many are Chemical Engineers.