Friends Don't Let Friends Struggle Through Life After College

Do you wish there were Cliff's Notes® for life after college? Now there are!

New grads feel invincible when they leave campus and head out into 'the world.' But it doesn't take long before all those new situations and important decisions start hitting hard and fast. Most parents do little to help prepare their children for life on their own and, unfortunately, most colleges and universities don't get that job done, either.

If there were something like Cliff's Notes® for life after college, wouldn't things be so much better? Well, there are cheatsheets to help with all those new situations and decisions! It's called GRADS: TAKE CHARGE of Your First Year After College! and is the only resource 'out there' which covers everything new young professionals will face as they leave those ivy-covered buildings and begin to make their mark on the world. Here is just a small sampling of the 150+ topics included:

Take Charge of Your Career

  • Figuring out what career path to pursue;
  • Where to find jobs;
  • Most effective ways to job hunt and land the job you want;
  • Negotiating a job offer;
  • Dealing with a period of unemployment;
  • Preparing for the first day on the job to hit the ground running;
  • Dealing with office politics, etiquette, even romance;
  • Understanding performance reviews;
  • Leaving a job the right way....and much more.

Take Charge of Your Money

  • Creating a realistic budget;
  • Banking and investing;
  • Choosing the proper insurance;
  • Understanding income taxes;
  • Buying a car, furniture, even a home;
  • Thinking ahead to retirement...and much more.

Take Charge of Your Life

  • The valuable skills of prioritizing, time management, and goal setting;
  • Taking charge of your safety and your home;
  • Handling the paperwork of 'life' like a pro;
  • Choosing and working with doctors, dentists, and other health care pros;
  • Dealing with everyday legal matters;
  • Even cooking, house cleaning, and even more!
Not another book to read with a highlighter in hand...super-fast action item lists let you 'get in, get out, and go do it' fast!

The last thing a college grad wants to do is read another book—paragraph after paragraph, page after page, chapter after chapter—with a highlighter in hand to mark the infrequent ‘golden nuggets’ of information that are truly worth remembering and putting into practice. Not so with GRADS: TAKE CHARGE! It couldn't be any easier to find exactly the guidance needed for a specific challenge or decision.

Most of its 150+ topics have been condensed down to a single page and presented in a bulleted, action-item list—just the good stuff; none of the ‘fluff’! In literally two minutes or less, only the most important advice needed to succeed can be found, read, and put into play.

Don't let the Class of 2012 struggle through life on their own! Arm them for success!

GRADS: TAKE CHARGE of Your First Year After College! is available on, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers. Don't like delayed gratification? The PDF e-book edition includes over 100 live links to additional online resources: download it instantly! Coming soon to all e-reader platforms!

Think about all the graduating seniors you care about. GRADS: TAKE CHARGE makes the perfect graduation gift, and will help keep these 'invincible' grads off your couch and out of your fridge!

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