Record Players Throughout The Years

Back to 1877 where it all began

Record Players

My presentation is about record payers. Record players have changed a lot over time. The first record player was made in 1877 and were most popular from 1950-1990 ( But over time record players have been fazed out. Today they are not a common way of listening to music.

How record players are similar to music players today?

Today we listen to music through digital technology on compact disc. Even though compact disc players and record players are very different they are still used to listen to music. Record and compact disc are also similar because they both have plastic in them. They both might play differently but they both spin while playing.

Differences between 1960s record players and music players today

People today listen to music through CDs which can be very different from records.

CDs are a lot more popular toady because they store a lot more music. According to "" they believed that CDs were better because they are a lot stronger than records. Another thing "" believes is that records wear. CDs do not wear like records because there is no physical contact.

Music Players Now and Then

Music players have changed a lot throughout history. Record players started out as a simple design that had to do with a can and two needles ( But today we listen to music on digital music players.