World Cup Facts

Facts about the World Cup:

1. The world cup is the most viewed sporting event.

2. The 2015 Women's world cup was the first to ever play on artificial turf.

3. The fastest goal in the Women's world cup history was Lena Videkull in only 30 seconds from Sweden, against Japan.

4. In the world cup Germany scored four goals in six minutes.

5. Germany's eventual seven goals were the most ever scored in a world cup semifinal.

6. Germany has now made it to the world cup final record breaking eighth time.

7. Both Germany and Japan were not allowed to in the qualifying process for the 1950 world cup.

8. The world cup will be broadcast-ed in over 200 countries.

9. The USA's best finish at a world cup was third in 1930

10. Canada only qualified just once for the World Cup in 1986.

History of Soccer

Soccer is a very popular sport in Europe and the Americans, it's literally all everyone plays. There really isn't an answer for how long soccer has been going on, just for a few thousand years, and then some. Soccer is a very entertaining sport and Kyoto in Japan agrees as '' kicking a ball around'' is a popular sport. In the early days soccer was started in England, people grew so fond of the sport they never left the field some would say. In England soccer was called '' football'' but still played the same. In Japan, Greece, Rome, and South America played a version of soccer with the head of their rival king which is so creepy and quite disturbing. In the end soccer is a very simple sport with simple rules, no hands, throw ins, corner kicks, and goal kicks.