A Year of Service

A Year of Military or Community Service

  • Service is a great strategy for solving real problems in education, healthcare, conservation, and an array of other areas of unmet need
  • Most young people would not join the military, but would complete a civilian service year at a host institution such as a school or nonprofit.
  • Encourage all military veterans to take a much broader view of service, and act on it.
  • A Pledge to aim is to democratize the meaning of “service to country” by getting members of the military, veterans, and family community to express support for the idea.
  • The poor people that are forced to join will get the benefits of the military: Food, Shelter, Healthcare etc... For the other people that will have to join the military, their eyes will be opened to the military and they will maybe serve for more than just one year.
  • The impoverished will benefit because they will be the ones being helped. If everyone has to do service for a whole year, then this will help the impoverished get out of poverty. The people performing the service will be benefit because their eyes will be opened to the impoverished people and maybe they will perform even more service and this will help their character.
  • Sign and share this petition to help spread the word to Georgia Senator, David Perdue https://www.change.org/p/government-body-everyone-should-serve-for-one-year?recruiter=418324126&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink