Caen, France

You explore William's Chateau de Caen an 11th centry castle

City Facts

Caen is the largest city in former Lower Normandy. Caen is known for its historical buildings built during the battle of Caen. About 108,956 people live in Caen. Some people live in houses and some people live in apartments. Many people that come to Caen, France usually rent vacation houses. Orne river and Caen canal go right through Caen.

What to do in Caen?

You can go on a guided visit through the memorial of de Caen museum. Another thing is you can go on a half day Normandy cheese and cider mill and don't forget to stop at the ruined Norman castle museum.
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People in Caen

About 108,954 people live in Caen. Many people do a lot of office work. There are many different jobs to do in Caen it just depends on what people want to do. The people of this city are very friendly.

restaurants in Caen

A very popular restaurant in Caen is the Le Bistrot 102. They have very good reviews and are very reasonably priced and the workers are very friendly. The head Chef speaks very good English. Most of the time you don't need to make reservations its very big and open a they have a lot of room. 102 rue Saint Martin, 14000 Caen, France +33 2 14 40 51 54
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Hotels in Caen

The hotel I would stay at is called Appart City Caen. The Cost is $47 per night. I chose this hotel because the pictures looked very nice and it is a very good price. Ter Rue Claude Bloch, 14000 Caen, France is the address. I found this hotel on The Phone number is +33 2 31 28 21 70
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