Sharon Draper's Copper Sun

Review By: Khaila Moss


"The copper sun and the piercing paleness of the sky, which were so welcoming the captives' homeland, imprisoned them each hour." The Copper Sun follows a 15 year old girl named Amari. Amari is soon to wed a boy named Besa. She lives in a village Called Ziavi. Things take a turn for the worst when her village is raided by the strange pale men. Amari soon the discovers the horrific death of her parents and brother. she is then put on a ship and later taken to Charles Town.

The book first takes place in a small village in Africa called Ziavi. Ziavi is flat with "rusty brown dirt" and surrounded with mago trees. Amari lives there with her mother (Esi), Father (Komla), and brother (Kwasi). Later on in the book Amari and the other slaves are shipped to Charles Town. Charles Town is on the beach and is very rocky. Charles Town is lined with tall buildings and the streets are full of faces. Amari is then sold at auction to Mr.Derby. Amari meets a girl named Polly who is an indentured servant to Mr.Derby.

In my opinion Copper Sun is a really interesting book. Copper Sun is very descriptive and never leaves me guessing. The book is also intense and riveting. Sharon Draper does a great job with pulling emotions out in the reader. I would suggest this book to all ages. Especially to readers who like intense action. The book constantly keeps you on edge especially during the first few chapters.

Sharon Draper

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