PhenQ Review

by: Amanda Kleinfelder


There is not an author listed for this article. It is from Skinny with and was published in 2015. PhenQ is the hottest new dieting pill that is a combination of many different diet pills. The way that PhenQ works is by burning fat, building muscle, decreasing your appetite, increase your energy and prevent fat production. One unique factor about PhenQ is the ingredient a-Lacys Reset. It is a combination of cystenine and alpha-lipoic acid. These two ingredients together help you burn more fat and calories. In a case study done with PhenQ and a placebo pill the participants that took the actual diet pill lost 3.44 percent body weight, 7.24 percent body fat and saw a 3.8 percent increase in muscle mass. Two slight disadvantages of taking PhenQ is some of the potential side effects and that results can take some time. The potential side effects of PhenQ include headaches, nausea, stomach cramps and jitters. Results can take some time but increasing your activity and decreasing your food intake can help speed up the results.


The first thing that brought into question the validity of this article was the fact that the name of the author was not present. After searching the entire website, I was unable to figure out who wrote this piece. Without having the authors name there is no to way to verify his or her credentials. This evidence alone helps with the determination that this article is not reliable. The article was found at Sites that end in .org should be checked thoroughly to make sure the site is valid. After reading through the site I noticed that the author made many different claims about the product without any evidence to back it up. Because these claims were not backed up by any evidence it leads me to believe that the site is not reliable. The claims sound too good to be true as well. The product claims to help the user lose weight, burn fat, have more energy, have decreased appetite, gain muscle, and regain lost confidence. On top of having claims that are too good to be true the article is poorly written. The article is written with short sentences and bullet points which makes the article easy to read and understand but also makes the article seem less valid. The way the article reads makes me feel that it is something that anyone could write. I would not recommend anyone to trust the validity of the site or the diet pill. There is not anything from this site that makes it anywhere near valid.

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