Alexander Graham Bell

The Inventer That Changed The World Forever



Alexander Graham Bell is a very memorable person because of an invention that changed the United States of America forever. It was a very unique invention that involved technology. It was very creative. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland on March 3, 1847. He was married. His mom and his were deaf. That deeply affected him. In that event he had to learn sign language, so he founded a school for deaf mutes. Alexander Graham Bell is very important because he made the telephone. He didn’t just make the telephone. He also made the photo phone. The photo phone allowed us to take pictures of ourselves. Most people have photo phones now. Alexander Graham Bell was extremely creative and was very smart. He was encouraging and strong for others. That is how Alexander Graham Bell changed the U.S. forever. Many people can look up to Alexander Graham Bell because of his hard work and desire to improve the world

Journal Entry


While working on my telegraph I evolved the basic core, or steps for the telephone. A device that can talk to people at great distances with their voices. I can not believe it. I have now created a device that will change mankind forever .Now, my project is complete .It’s a secret now, but later the ATandT service will be no secret. I wonder what else I can do ?I’ll probably win a prize or become famous !My telegraph and telephone are going to be huge .Now we can have two ways to talk .I know I will create more and grow larger through out my life .I will grow dim if I don’t make more .One more thing will put me over the top .I will change history!

-Alexander Graham Bell

Ellie, Samantha, and Taylor