Boreal Forest


Boreal Forest

This biome is full of forests and consists mostly of pines spruces and larches other then animals. Its second name is considered Taiga but it is also more referred to Taiga instead of a boreal forest. The boreal forest is the largest terrestrial biome and covers most of Sweden, Finland, and some of Norway and Iceland, Russia and Siberia. Taiga is both part tundra and forest. As the worlds largest land biome it makes up 29% of the worlds forest cover. The largest areas are located in Russia or Canada.


Summers are short but warm and humid. Taiga is -20°C daily for winter. In Canada, Scandinavia and Finland the 24-hr temperature is about 5°C. Some places in the taiga have discontinuous permafrost which only occurs in sheltered areas while temperatures are at -5 to 0°C temperatures. At times of extreme winter seasons the climate is worse then a tundras winter. The highest temperature in the months average is 10°C which is the warmest month.

Trees and Plants

-Silver/Siberian Fir
-Norway/Sitka Spruce
-Lodgepole/Ponderosa/Scotch Pine
-Douglas Fir
-European/Dahurian/Western/Siberian Larch
-Western Hemlock
-Alaska/Western Red Cedar
-Norway/Sugar Maple
-Yellow/Water/European/Gray Birch
-White/Common/Northern Red Oak
-American/Wych Elm
-Black Willow
-Vine Maple
-Mountain Alder
-Western Serviceberry
-White Mountain Heather
-Black Hawthron
-Russian Olive
-Sheep Laurel
-Siberian Crab Apple
-Northern Bayberry
-Pink Mountain Heather
-European Buckthorn
-White Rhododendron
-Weeping Willow
-Pacific Red Elderberry
-Western Mountain Ash
-Common Snowberry
-Five-stamen Tamarisk
-Poison Ivy and Sumac
-Highbush Blueberry
-Large Cranberry
-Black Huckleberry
-Red Huckleberry
and another 50 types of other plants which fit as herbs, wildflowers, grasses, mosses and aquatic plants


-Western Roe Deer
-Elk or Wapiti
-Siberian Musk Deer
-Mule Deer
Oxen, Goats and Sheep
-Mountain Goat
-Bighorn Sheep
-Dall's Sheep
-Wild Boar
Wolves, Foxes, Cats, Bears

-Arctic Fox
-Tundra Wolf
-Amur Leopard
-Siberian Tiger
-Brown (Grizzly) bear
-Polar Bear
Weasels and Pandas
-Giant Panda
Otter and Badgers
-Eurasian River Otter
-Eurasian Badger
Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
-Humpback Whale
-Pacific White-sided Dolphin
-Killer Whale
Seal and Walrus
-Northern Fur Seal
-Harp Seal
-Harbour Seal
There lots more different types of animals including insects. These are only recorded species living in all Boreal forests, not all of them are listed.