Medieval music

Hunter Gerriets

Basic Information

music in the medieval time was played with many different instruments such as Played lutes,mandore,gittern, psaltery, organs, harps, bagpipe,an early version of a trombone ( Called the sacbut), and many more. traveling band would traveled through out Europe and was hired to play for people. Also having large groups of people that played in theaters and small band that played for their kings.

Inspiration for music

Changing in certain parts of the year in the December the music was played that celebrated Christ in the spring people played music that celebrated the sun and flowers. Early on music was all about the church and it was sacred and secular. As music became more popular it started to change dances were made and music became about "country love." mostly poems and fantasy stories.people traveled and wrote about things they saw and experienced in their life.


music was secular and sacred. sacred music was religious music made from the church with music relating to god. Secular music was for every one being a dance or being about love composed to be upbeat and make people happy. In the beginning music was all played in unison with every note being the same length or played in the key of C with no defined rhythm. Harmony and rhythm was introduced in the 12th century developing a indicator the length the each note and pitch.
The Danserye - Tylman Susato, arr. Patrick Dunnigan (Arranged For Band)


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