Abortion Update

Life is life...even in the mother's womb

Mike Huckabee - "I think at the heart of the pro-life movement is the idea that all people are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights starting with life."

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Life is Life (Abortion)

What is Abortion?

Abortion is a type of surgery that ends a pregnancy. It is basically killing the baby in the mother's womb when it is still unborn. Aborting a baby is easy for the professional doctor to do and they actually get a lot of money for it. Even though the process is easy, the baby has to endure great pain. It is taken apart in the womb, limb by limb until every part of its body is taken out. The baby, which can be as young as a fetus, moves around in the womb to try to avoid the instruments that are used to take it out. The movement can cause the doctor to miss the baby and possibly damage the uterus, which can affect the mother greatly with pain, infections or even the inability to get pregnant in the future.

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

America has been debating over the issue of abortion for a long time. This topic contains the right for women if they are allowed abort their child or not. Even though most Americans don't want to be labeled as "pro-life" or"pro-choice," they think that abortion should remain safe and legal for the women who have life-threatening problems. But on the other hand, there are strong advocates for what they believe in.

What is Pro-Life?

Pro-Life is when an advocate supports the right for the babies that the mother may not abort a baby under any circumstances. As of right now, with unspoken people, there are more pro-life American supporters but that can change any time. Especially with it being a hot current issue in the U.S.

You Should Choose Pro-Life because...

What if your mom made the decision to abort you, you wouldn't be living today. Think about you as a baby or a fetus in your mother's womb. You don't know anything that's raging outside. You're just hoping for the day when you come out to the world and have a chance in life. But what if unexpectedly, a huge metal clamp comes in...and it's reaching for...YOU! Even though you're still a teen, don't you want to be a parent someday? Don’t you want to have the feeling that you just want to protect your child and feel the love you want to pour out for your child? Don’t you want to hold you baby and care for him/her?

Speech Points

Even though many people don't like choosing sides, this is why you shouldn't abort a baby

1) Children are a gift from God. They are meant tocarry out your inheritance, your family line, and your point of view influenced by the parent.

2) Abortion is basically killing a live baby that’s not born so it’s murder and the child dies painfully.

3) If you didn’t want the baby, then give it up for adoption. Adoption is the best choice, since there are many people who want children but can’t.

4) The mother might get emotionally and physically scarred from abortion which can affect her by many ways: internal bleeding, suicidal thoughts, guilt, the inability to get pregnant again.

5) You never know who or what that child would become if you gave them a chance. There are big plans for each and everyone.