Created by Jack Runyan, and he is proud of it!

30 hands project

30 hands video presentation below

Tony Stark project shake test + image of project itself

Driving question??? How will we as structual engineers develop a house that will be stable and can withstand an earthquake?

First link below = video of the shake test

And of course his brother, the image of the project, is below him. ;^)

No, I did not forget the interview. It is under the image.

Invention Convention!

I'll call it "Snowflake" because it had snowflake already written on it.

This invention solves the problem of heat and power. How does it? It uses Alluminum Foil, which is just thin layers of metal, to absorb heat and csn be used as power.

My favorite unit

All on them were good, very good, so I just chose Chapter 5. This is the chapter with the Invention Convention project ft. Snowflake, my project (I have the worst jokes, I know). It is extremely interesting about how fossil fuels work and are formed, and how we use them to power stuff, such as the device you are reading this on.
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