Ms. Sodolak's 4th Math & Science

Room 7.07

Contact Info:

Conference Time: 9:05-9:50

School Hours: 8:15-3:45

Early Release Hours: 8:15-12:25

Remind Code: @sodolak20

Google Classroom Code: 4jwbg6b

3 Simple Rules: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Up Coming Events:

August 24: Fundraiser Kickoff

September 7: No School- Labor Day

September 8: Fundraiser Ends

September 11: Wear Red, White & Blue

September 15: Wear Blue for Trustworthiness

October 7: Dress Western

October 8-9: No School- Fair Holidays

October 12: No School- Teacher In Service

October 16: End of 1st 9 Weeks

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Enter this number 81010 with the message @sodolak20

Curious about graded assignments??

Papers will come home on Tuesday's in their take home folder. Corrections can be made on daily assignments below a 70 & returned in the folder.

Math News:

Please be patient when you see the work that comes home. Your child is learning some awesome new & different ways to solve problems (ways that you may not understand), but I promise, they will learn it the "basic" way as well!! If you have any question please don't hesitate to conference with me & I'll be happy to show you the super cool things we are working on. :)

PLEASE continuously practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division at home!! The majority of what we do in 4th grade is based on those 4 operations. Every year, we see struggles with subtraction (regrouping) and multiplication facts. Please help us close those gaps and build a strong foundation.
Math Curriculum Year at a Glance

Break down of math curriculum for each 9 weeks.

Science Curriculum Year at a Glance

Break down of Science curriculum for each 9 weeks.


There is a HUGE focus on multiplication facts in 4th Grade. Check out the links below to help your child succeed!!
Timed Tests: Click to View & Print

These are the practice pages we use in class, we just don't time them. Print out to help practice at home.

Math Homework:

Homework for the week will be given out on Monday, and checked in class each following day. Homework is expected to be completed for that day, each night. Students have the opportunity to work ahead for that week if they would like. No homework will result in loss of recess for that day & a note in the agenda.

Homeroom News:

Student Homework Folder & Fact Folder-will travel from home and school each day. It is very important for students to keep their folder in their backpack.

*Agendas are used as a form of communication. They need to be signed every night, and will be checked the next school day during the homeroom class. Conduct cards are stapled in the back of the student's agenda.*