Jurassic Park Analysis

By Junior Cortina

About Jurassic Park Franchise

Jurassic Park is a franchise that focuses on dinosaurs in a park called Jurassic Park. In all the movies it focuses on dinosaurs attacking the park leading to danger. In the movies dinosaurs like the Trex terrorize the park. The dinosaurs atack people leading to great danger.

Movie 4: Jurassic World

The crew spent 150,000,000 on budget and made 651,482,016 on worldwide box office. This means they made 501,482,016 on earnings
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Analysis Summary

After analyzing this movie series, I learned that the most successful sequel was Jurassic World I also learned that Jurassic Park III was the least successful. The franchise made a total of 1,039,808,513 on earnings. I wonder why the third sequel didn't get much earnings. I found a pattern were the earnings increased and decreased.