Child Labor

Industrial Revolution Nathan Day

Jobs Children did in the Factories

  • the children cleaned under the cotton looms and other machinery
  • they also pulled mine carts in the mine
  • Most of the jobs they did was unskilled work, just hard repetitive work
  • they also helped the blenders to mix the cotton from the bales
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Hours Food and Working Conditions

  • They had 12 to 14 hour days with an hours brake if your lucky
  • The children used heavy equipment that could hurt them over time or be easy to drop
  • the food was terrible, they had oatcake with boiled milk for breakfast and lunch and potato pie and boiled bacon for dinner
  • the work was vary repetitive and could damage their bodies over time
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accidents that happened in the work place

  • a child was working with wool and a strap caught him and carried him into some machinery and mangled his body
  • a girl what cleaning under a machine her apron got caught on the shaft and ahe was crushed
  • children often time got their fingers chopped off
  • Children would fall into vats of food that was being processed and they would bee made into food and sold by accident

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Punishments children got in the factories

  • usually the children were hit with straps then they didn't work fast enough
  • children that might run away were chained to machines so they couldn't run away
  • in some cases they had to pay if they did something wrong
  • someone could get weighted to, when your weighted you have to where a heavy weight on your neck
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Efforts to improve child labor

  • labor unions fought end child labor by protest
  • workers going on strike was one thing they did but it was because many people died at the riots
  • individual workers and social reformers worked hard to bring about change but not much happened until labor unions started
  • This eventually let the the end of child labor
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