Where we have your food, clothing, education and households

Most of the houses here are built out of beautiful stone and have flowers planted along each sidewalk of every house, the floors are usually made of clay and have to be washed and put new straw on the floors almost every day from the animals living in there with you. We have great jobs here too, like applying to be a craftsmen who makes guilds and other stuff, then there are cobblers who makes shoes, belts, and other goods, there is also cloth makers who make clothing. There are stonemasons who made the great cathedrals. The education here took place in monasteries, convents and cathedrals, they teach you about reading and writing, but when they would write they would do it in all capital letters, so instead, they wrote in small letters. The food here is quite good, for dinners we have bread, pees, beans , corn and soup. The medical treatment here is not very fun because if a disease was in one of your limbs they would cut it off. But other wise i think this town is pretty great to live in, why don't you come and join me.