Take Action!

Help Create a More Culturally Responsive Society

Task 3.2

Community Factors

There are several ways to help take action in your community. A few examples include:

Family Factors

You can make an impact on families in your community with actions such as:

  • Provide information and support to families within your community that may experience oppression and let these families know about nonprofit organizations in your area whose mission is to give support to families who face challenges associated with ethnicity/race, language, and/or poverty.
  • For example, a primarily Spanish-speaking household may be interested in learning about a free English tutoring opportunity in your community.
  • Get involved in school policies related to cultural diversity. Band together with others who may be interested in discussing culturally-diverse experiences, traditions, and pastimes, and meet with decision-makers within the school system to see what new policies can be put in place.