Batch Sizing Photos on a MAC

Learn to take a bunch of photos and make them smaller!

Do your pictures print very slowly?

Use this method to resize all your photos all at one time!

To make the photos smaller in size:

1. Plug in your camera, Ipad or Itouch into your Mac using the cable with a USB port.

2. A dialogue box will pop up.

3. Select the camera/Ipad/Itouch on the left side of the dialogue box.

4. Find the pictures you want to select.

5. Select photos. You can select all with Command A.

6. Right click on photos. (Control click)

7. Click Duplicate. (To save a full size copy)

8. Right click. (Control click)

9. Click New folder with selection.

10. Name the folder - Compressed photos

11. Open folder.

12. Select all. (Command A)

13. Right click (Control click)

14. Open with preview.

15. Select all on the left side. (Command A)

16. Up at the top bar, Find Tools.

17. Adjust size.

18. Click image dimension.

19. Fit into, choose a smaller size.

20. Click ok.

21. Open IPhoto.

22. Go to File, Import to library.

23. Choose the compressed photo file.

Dana Anne Tomonari

Thank you Dana for figuring this out and sharing with our division.