Forensic Pathologist

Taylor Menne

Daily Activities

Forensic Pathologists investigate the cause of deaths. They determine whether the cause of death was accidental, violent, or unexplained.

Working Conditions

Forensic Pathologists are often placed in conflict situations in which others may be angry or unpleasant, Work indoors in offices and labs. Occasionally work outdoors when examining the site where a body was found, and may be on-call to visit crime scenes any time of the day.

Forensic Pathologists at work

Yearly Wadges

A Forensic Pathologist average yearly wadge is $56,410 per year.

Preparation and Training

You have to have a high school diploma or equivalent, have a bachelor's degree, complete medical school, complete pathology training and residency.

How to Become a Forensics Pathologist

Important Skills and Abilities

Forensic Pathologists need to be able to communicate well, reason and problem solve, be able to use math and science, be able to manage yourself/others/time/objects, be able to work with other people, and to perceive and visualize.

Recommended Courses

Any of the following educational courses will help you prepare to be a Forensic Pathologist

  • Physiology
  • Introduction to Health Care
  • Safety and First Aid
  • Math
  • Science
  • Anatomy