The Big 5

Thrive Chiropractic- September 17th, 2014

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Who, What, When, Where, Why!

Let's jump right and and answer the Big 5 questions as they relate to Chiropractic!

WHO- As in who benefits from Chiropractic care...Everyone. If you have a spine and nerve system than you are better off maintaining it and making sure your Brain-Body connection is clear.

WHAT- do I do at Thrive Chiropractic? Restore motion and alignment to the spine...for a clear brain-body your entire body functions better.

WHEN- should I have my spine checked? I recommend weekly chiropractic checks and adjustments as needed. This is how often I have my spine checked and I offer this recommendation to you. After an initial higher frequency phase weekly checks are a great idea because we are countering years of wear and tear to the spine and everyday stress which causes subluxations in the first place.

WHERE- Thrive Chiropractic of course!

WHY- Your Nerve System is the master control system of your body. Why not take care of it regularly.

Brent Vuyovich, DC