WRMS Weekly Update

September 11, 2020

Weekly Updates

At the end of each week, please look for my weekly updates. Important information including upcoming events will be included.

Please also follow us on twitter (@wrmscardinals) or facebook (@WRMiddleSchool) for photos and announcements with the fun and educational activities we're engaged in!

Weekend To-Do

Please make sure your student's device is fully charged and that the sound and video are both functioning properly for Monday morning.

Students also need to find their WIN/Advisory class information for Monday morning:

  • Go to their Advisory teacher's website for their Google Classroom code
  • Log into the Google Classroom
  • Find the Zoom/Meet link for Monday Morning

If your student can, s/he should find and add the Google Classrooms for all of his/her teachers prior to Monday Morning. If not, that is fine, we can help them Monday morning!

Monday, September 14th

For Monday, all students need to do is log in to their WIN/Advisory class at 8:15. The teachers will take it from there!

We are extending the WIN period on Monday and Tuesday morning to help students with the transition back to school and to our new school-wide remote learning environment. That schedule has been added to the School-wide Remote Bell Schedules Google Sheet.

Monday is an A day.

Please be patient and flexible with us and your student as we troubleshoot any technical difficulties that may occur.

Orientation Information

In case you missed it, here again is the link to our 6th Grade and New Student Orientation video and presentation.

Once we begin in-person, we will provide all students with guided tours of the building to help them navigate their day. Fortunately, our hallways are organized by grade level near the grade level entrances, and we will have a lot of staff in the halls to help them find their first classroom!

School-wide Remote Learning Information

Here, also, is the School-Wide Remote Learning Information video and website. We shared this directly with 7th and 8th graders via their school email this week. If they haven't watched it, please encourage them to do so before school on Monday. They are already familiar with the schedule, and a few students have responded that they understood completely and it put them at ease.

Remember, days will alternate as usual, so for this week:

  • Monday - A
  • Tuesday - B
  • Wednesday - A
  • Thursday - B
  • Friday - A

Student Support

If your student is having difficulty, be is academic, technological, social emotional or more, please reach out to us! Our trained staff is here to support them whether we are in-person or remote!



Assistant Principals:

Hybrid Learning

As we get closer to transitioning to in-person learning, more information on hybrid will be communicated. At this time, school-wide remote is our focus. We are still on-pace for an in-person opening the week of September 29th.

As you are planning for in-person please remind your child to make sure they wear a mask each day while in the building. Gaiters, bandanas, scarves, and masks with one-way valves or vents are prohibited.

Also, please remember we will admit in-person students into the building at 8:05 and dismissal is at 12:36.

Required 6th Grade Immunizations

Thank you to the families who have submitted this paperwork or information about upcoming appointments. If you have not, please contact Mrs. Penn immediately at deborah.penn@wwrsd.org. This information is still necessary in full remote.

School Supplies

Updated supply lists, including encore/electives, are available on our website.

Food Services

Grab and go lunches for families will be available even in our school-wide remote learning environment. Information is coming soon.

Community Flyers

Please click here to access an online library of electronic flyers for our community partners.

Save the Date!

Please mark your calendars for important upcoming events...

  • 9/14 - First day of school - school-wide remote!
  • 9/24 - Board of Education Meeting, 7:30 PM
  • 9/28 - No School
  • October 22: Board of Education Meeting
  • November 3: Per Executive Order-177, "All public primary and secondary schools shall be closed to in-person instruction on November 3"; therefore, we will schedule an "All remote" day of instruction for all groups. Please mark your calendars. Teachers work from home!
  • November 5 & 6: District Closed
  • November 25: Early Dismissal
  • November 26 & 27: District Closed

The first day of school is an A day!