What I learned

History and Origin

Badminton started around 2,000 years ago. Badminton was called Shuttlecock. Shuttlecock started in China, Greece, and India. Badminton Is one of the newest Sports in the Olympics. United States started Badminton 4 years after 9 other Countries.

Scoring and Rules

Different from Singles and doubles

  1. In singles when someone wins a rally that person serves next
  2. In doubles they do not change until they win the game
  3. The court is a little different


  1. You should have about 3 rounds of up to 21 points to make it game.
  2. The side that wins the game should start the serve for the next round
  3. At 29 hit the side scoring the 30th point, wins that game.

Strategist for Singles and Double

Attach mode- Double

Just because you can hit strong or you are powerful does not mean you have what it takes to win Badminton, you have to have a good strategy.

  1. For double it might be nice once you make a good attack agents them then you should immediately move to the front out of your partners way so they can get to the back to then they can get back there fast then you both are in attack mode

Defense mode ( at the bottom is a little attack )- Double

This would be good when you are not the sever,

  1. You and your partner would have to stand side to side on each side of the court. So when you are defense you want to make sure that you hit the Birdie ( Shuttlecock) to the far back of the opponents court to make it hard for them to hit it.

If this changes fast....

  1. You must change into Attack formation so that the back player can make a shot that the front player can Make a good kill.


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