Human Eating Native Tribe!!

My tribe is the Karankawa BY: Wyatt Johnson

The Region

The Karankawa lived in the coastal region. They inhabited the Gulf Coast of Texas from Galveston Bay in the present-day Greater Houston area. They also adapted well to the rich fishing and hunting. They travelled the coastal bays with the seasons. They ate oysters, shellfish, and other types of fish.

Appearance And Clothing

The Karankawa's had lots of paint and pierces and tattoos. These people were really strong and tall Described between 6-7 feet. Many greased their bodies with alligator fat to keep the bugs away.


The Karankawa used willow saplings and animal skins to make huts, sometimes known as wikiups. They often built by the ocean. They stayed by the coast in the winter and moved further inland in summer


A Spanish priest wrote an account of the Karankawa ritual ceremonies. While dancing around him, they would dart in, slice off a piece of flesh and roast it in front of the victim in a prepared campfire. However Cabeza De Vaca who lived among the Karankawa for several years in the 1530s made no mention of cannibalism.

Essential Question

EQ: How do you think the Karankawa hunted the human? Answer in a complete sentence with detail.

How did the geography in their region of Texas of your chosen Native American tribe impact the way they lived?

the geography impacted the karankawa in a negative way by them getting a lot of precipitation and a positive way by them getting water for crops and hydration.