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February 12, 2016

A Peek At The Week

This has been another short but busy week. Wednesday we celebrated that we are now 100 days smarter than we were when we started kindergarten in August. We also discussed that we are very fortunate to have so many new friends; therefore we celebrated our friendship by exchanging Valentine’s cards today. We enjoyed a 100 day donut cake to celebrate this special day and we read several informational books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The children learned who these famous men were and why they were important to our countries history. They also learned what historic monuments can be found in Washington DC that honors these Presidents. Have your child find which coin have their picture. I hope they remember that these two men played an important part in our history and that they have nothing to do with the sales that will take place on Monday.

We completed centers yesterday which focused on addition, reading number words, and a new story which reinforced short /i/ words. We continue to assess the students on “Fundations” Unit #2, sight words and rhyming.

We would like to thank Chef Kim, from "Farm to Table" for coming and sharing a story about a farm and for sharing some locally grown fruits and vegetables. We were able to hold and smell, beets, garlic, turnips, leeks, apples, popcorn, sweet potato and broccoli.

Today your child is bringing home a Valentine vowel game. This game is a great way to practice those short vowel sounds we hear in the middle of CVC words. (Consonant/Vowel/Consonant) I have included directions and a list of words to use. The children have played this several times so they understand what to do. Have fun!

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Looking Ahead

The “Heart Healthy” month will continue and will include stories, songs and poems about the heart as well as dental health. Teeth are a very popular topic for 5 & 6 year olds because they are all loosing teeth and enjoying visits from the “Tooth Fairy”.

At the end of trimester 2 the students in our kindergarten will be able to bring their Chromebooks home. After vacation I will be sending the permission slips and the responsibilities/guidelines for taking them home. One thing the students will need is a case to take them back and forth to school. They will not be able to carry them in their backpack. The case needs to be at least 8x11 ½ in size just in case you see a good sale.

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Reminders and Sugesstions

1. Next week February 15-19, vacation.

2. Visit the library and if your child does not have a library card, they can get their own because now they can write their name.

3. Continue to save the General Mills box tops.

4. Write a vacation story.

5. Practice counting to 100 by ones, tens, and counting backward from 10.

6. Have your child set the table. (Count forks, spoons, and knives)

7. HAVE FUN!!!

Thank you to everyone who sent in glue sticks and fine point expo markers we really appreciate your help and support!

Enjoy the vacation, stay warm and THINK SPRING!!

Diane Tourangeau

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