By: April Davala, Nancy Carver, and Jennifer Moore

A Brief Overview

Tumblr is a social media website that allows people to create an account and then share multiple types of multimedia like: text, photos, quotes, videos, music, links to other websites, create one's own blog, etc. Tumblr is very similar to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as people are allowed to follow other people's Tumblr accounts and view the content they are sharing. By default one's material is automatically set to "Public" when they create their first blog unless efforts are taken to create an additional Tumblr blog and set that one to "Private."

In order to sign up for a Tumblr account, one must be 13 years or older.

Features that Support Learning

  • Tumblr has an "Education" category where teachers can search for fellow educators in Tumblr and view their blogs as well as share resources.
  • Because Tumblr is a blogging-style tool, teachers could have students create their own blogs in class if they are older than 13, and then follow each other's blogs.
  • Teachers could use Tumblr for their own class blog or website and follow other classrooms or teachers around the world to connect "Globally."
  • Tumblr could be used to teach lessons on Digital Citizenship to your class. Since the platform is "wide open", you could design a lesson discussing one's "Digital Footprint" and the impact that posting on social media has on one's "Digital Footprint" both positively and negatively.
  • The resource is very easy to use and has a streamlined appearance .

Features that Inhibit Learning

  • Tumblr has MUCH content that is non educational
  • When one creates a Tumblr account, their information and what they post is defaulted to a "Public" setting.
  • There is no way to control who can come in contact with your students
  • Tumblr has a dark side where there is much sexual or pornographic material that is easy for students to locate.
  • One's newsfeed is generated by what Tumblr feels you are "interested" in; therefore, it's difficult to control what may pop up on a student's screen.
  • Tumblr is also blocked by many school districts due to its unsecured nature.

Features We Would Add

  • We would like to see Tumblr create a version for education where students could blog and share various forms of media related to their classes and school projects. We would also like them to be able to connect safely with other classes around the world by employing strong educational filters that would prohibit outsiders from having the ability to interact with students.
  • It would be nice if Gaggle could filter the use of the Tumblr for education as well to monitor student blogs
  • It would be nice to have a Audio recording element to the blog as well.

The Dark Side to Tumblr and Why Parents and Teachers Should Exercise Caution!

Tumblr is where kids are going to post on social media away from parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, etc. Kids are finding it much easier to "hide" here. Check out the article below on what Tumblr really is.

What We Suggest Teachers Use Instead of Tumblr