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September 2019

A letter from your Principals!

Dear Families,

We are ready for a fantastic school year! All the adults at Schlegel take great pride in getting ready for the start of the school year. We have two goals. The first goal is to set the stage for joy, curiosity, wonder, and the love of learning for your child. The second goal is to build a partnership with you. Please take the time to meet your child(ren)'s teachers-all of them! By building relationships with each other, your children will will benefit socially, emotionally, physically and emotionally-this is research based.

Each month, this newsletter will me emailed to you with information to keep you up-to-date with school events. Be sure to read and note special dates! Check out the Schlegel website as well for easy access to the calendar and other quick links.

If you have any questions, don't wait to ask. Just call your child's teacher and ask! The best way to stay connected is through conversations. If there is anything you are unsure about, feel free to call the main office as well. We are here to support you.

Our hope is for your family to have a wonderful year-together we can make this happen!

Francine Leggett & Robin Jennings

Principal and Assistant Principal


September 2019

Welcome back to school! We are so excited to have the children back with us. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns about your child’s social emotional development or social-emotional response to life changes. We are always here to support our Schlegel Family throughout the school year.

  • Schlegel Road participates in the Backpack Club! We work in conjunction with a Webster church to provide a Friday food distribution to support families who may need a little extra “child friendly” food and snacks to get through the weekend. A bag of food is sent home with each participating child on Fridays. This program has been very successful in the past and families have found it helpful. Please know children’s names are kept confidential and not shared with the church. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Riesenberger.

  • Life brings changes - Confidential support is always available for your child(ren) to assist through transitions of any kind. In addition, we can help in finding support for community resources your family may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Check out the programs at Webster Recreation Center for some great opportunities for your family to be more involved in our community. Their Fall 2019 Program Guide can be found here:

Joan Riesenberger

School Social Worker
(585) 217-4753

Diana Sullivan

School Psychologist

(585) 217-4723



Reminder that the best way to prevent infectious diseases is to Wash Your Hands Frequently and Cover Your Nose & Mouth When You Sneeze or Cough (in bend of elbow).

Influenza (the flu) is usually in season from October through March. Remember it is easily transmitted through the air (ie sneezing) & close personal contact. Cold & flu viruses can linger on doorknobs, telephone receivers and other surfaces. It is important to wash your hands frequently & try to avoid rubbing your eyes & nose or putting your hands around your mouth.

Illness guidelines to use in determining whether your child should stay at home:

-Fever greater than 100.4 orally.

-Child is too ill, sleepy or lethargic to sit all day in school.

-Severe headache, especially if accompanied by a fever (contact your healthcare provider).

-Severe sore throat with fever or lethargy, lasting longer than 48 hours (contact healthcare provider).

-Strep Throat – Not all sore throats are strep throat. The only way to determine is by throat culture. Students will be sent home if temperature is greater than 100.4 orally and/or if strep throat is strongly suspected by the school nurse. If throat culture is negative (rapid test included), students may return to school if fever free for 24 hours without assistance from fever-reducing medication. If culture is positive, students must receive at least 24 hours of antibiotics, be fever free without the assistance of fever-reducing medication and feel better before returning to school. Please notify the school nurse if your child has strep throat.

Kristen Estelle, RN

Rachael Rock, RN

Schlegel Rd Health Office

Phone (585) 216-6023/ Fax (585)216-6016

Be sure to note the following on your Calendars!

Tuesday, September 10 - Curriculum Night Gr 5: 6:30-7:30

Friday, September 13 - Patriot Party, 5:00 - 7:00

Tuesday, September 17 - PTSA Meeting @ 4:00pm

Friday, September 27 - Picture day

Friday, October 11 - Superintendent Conference Day - No School

Monday, October 14 - Columbus Day - No School

Friday, October 25 - PTSA Fall Dance/Costume Party

Thursday, October 31 - PTSA Fall Dance/Scarecrow Contest

Parent Conferences: Students will be dismissed at 10:20

Friday, October 18

Thursday, October 24

Friday, October 25

Please be sure to plan for your child to arrive home early on all three days.

Parents will meet with their child’s teacher twice a year, once in October and once in March. You will receive two reports cards summarizing your student’s progress towards the end of the year goals-one in February and one in June.

A Note from the Main Office

Parents –

When writing a bus pass for your child, please include the following information: Date, Student Name, Teacher Name, Bus # and correct address of where they are going.

Bus number and destination address: please contact friend’s parent to obtain this information.

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Colorcycle Marker-Recycling Program

Schlegel is excited to announce a new way for students to get involved in protecting the environment: a marker-recycling program! It’s called Crayola ColorCycle – an amazing program devised to repurpose used markers rather than sending them to landfills!

The ColorCycle program has repurposed more than 70 tons of expended markers in the United States and Canada since 2013, and uses the most advanced plastic conversion technologies available today to make wax compounds for asphalt and roofing shingles as well as to generate electricity that can be used to heat homes, cook food, and power vehicles.

All around Schlegel, students and teachers will be collecting used markers that are ready to be discarded. Please help support our efforts by sending your kids in with any used markers you may have around the house- even non-Crayola brands! Highlighters and dry erase markers can also be included. A drop-off bin will be located in the front foyer of the school for your child to deposit the markers.

Thank you in advance for participating!

Please contact Meghan Bradford ( with any questions.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports aka PBIS

What is PBIS?

This is a framework in which we provide students with clear expectations for behaviors. We provide explicit teaching about what we expect while they are here in school. Our students in Webster use CARE as the acronym for showing Cooperation, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. The teachers and staff provide lessons on these traits for all areas of the school-classrooms, dining room, hallways, bathrooms, buses and use of technology. We know that young children need to be shown how to behave in all areas so they can feel safe and make the right choices. Teachers will reteach lessons on these behaviors as needed throughout the school year.

We also want to reinforce the positive behaviors outwardly as this is the P in PBIS. At Schlegel, we will be sending postcards home with positive notes. You may also notice your child coming home with a CARE paw sticker. We use those, too, to catch our students making good choices. If your child comes home with one, please ask him/her to tell you why the sticker was given and celebrate.

Our goal is for all students to feel safe and comfortable in their learning environments here at Schlegel.