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Lets See What about nuero headsets are on the News Today!

Newspaper Project By Brantly Tuten

Persuasive Movie Review

A seventeen year old boy named Sam decided to have Americas International Internet System, just to receive the newest technology, the Nuero-Headsets. After getting the headsets for his best friend and himself, the world took off into a raging blur. All of a sudden, Sam meets Vienna, and Dodge, together they fight against the world strongest and meanest military like system known to man. After loosing many people and his own life, Sam pulls through. See the story unfold in Brain Jack . Starring, Zac Efron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Theo James. In Theaters Now!
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Man gets Healthy Using A Nuero headset

Sources show that a 57 Year old man feels better then ever after putting on a nuero headset. he said to news reporters earlier today "I put it on and in a instant noticed a huge change in my body's shape and health". Well that it for today's news broadcast.