The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning for All

Something to Think About...

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.--Steve Jobs

Mary Rose's Schedule

Monday 3/17:

6:00 A-Team Mtg.

7:30 Make-Up Faculty Meeting; Teacher Meeting

8:00 Teacher Meeting

9:00 Teacher Mtg. re: Master Schedule

9:30 R. Decker, M. King, D. Damico, D. Cabe re: technological Infrastructure

9:30 WASC Leader Training

12:55 Dept. Chair Mtg.

1:48 Make-Up Faculty Meeting

6:00 Incoming 9th Grade Parent Meeting

Tuesday 3/18: CAHSEE ELA

12:15 Teacher Follow-Up

1:00 Teacher Mtg. re: Course Offering


3:00 Atty. Mtg.

6:00 VAPA VMA Concert

Wednesday 3/19: CAHSEE Math

1:00 Leadership Team Mtg.

6:00 VAPA VMA Concert

Thursday 3/20:

9:00 Principal Mtg.

Friday 3/21:

7:45 Calendar

Spartan Events

Check out the weekly calendar placed in your mailboxes or the school calendar through Outlook to watch. Students love seeing you at their events!

Our students went on a field trip to KUSI. The Chula Vista HS TV Production students took over KUSI, put on their own broadcast, and to see what they came up with, copy and paste this link on your browser:

Kudos and Thanks

  • With over 100 students involved, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is, in my opinion, CVHS SCPA's most amazing musical that truly showcases the talent and hard work of our students and staff. Congratulations to Sharon Maley, Director; Barbara Schroeder, Musical Director; Valerie Ingram, Choreographer; and Charles Batchman, Technical Director. Many kudos and thanks to Marla Navarette, John McCourt, Matt Asano, and Deborah Nevin for their heavy involvement in this musical. The audience reaction was so overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive. The alumni told me that I must be proud that work of such high quality is being produced here.
  • And speaking about alumni...kudos to Marcia Bristol for an elegant alumni pre-show reception held at the Little Theater which also honored the work of Drama Teacher Ms. Planta from Chula Vista Middle. Thank you for your artistry and creativity in transforming work space to dining space.
  • Congratulations to Patrick Doerr! Our Spartan Regiment scored Superior, the highest score a band can receive, at the Southern CA Band and Orchestra Directors Association competition.
  • Kudos to Jessica Tejada! Three of her Mariachi students made it to the Master's Audition and two made the cut! These students represent the best of the best Mariachi players...
  • Kudos to our custodians. led by Garry Cabogason and Lou Rojas, who have been putting in 7-day work weeks to support all the activities here on campus. Thank you!

Walkthrough Focus

As we walk through this week, we will be looking for the following:

  • Daily Learning Target and the agenda that supports its completion: How does your DLT transform as your lessons go through the Rigor-Relevance Framework? How does your agenda align to accomplishing your DLT? How does your instructional activity match the rigor of your DLT?
  • Students talking to each other using Academic Language: How do you create opportunities for students to work together to use academic language as they engage in higher level thinking or high cognitive tasks?
  • Common Core Transition: How do your lessons reflect the rigorous skills in the ELA anchor standards and/or the Mathematical practices?

WASC Update

During our last WASC meeting, Focus Groups met for the first time to look at their focus group criteria and determine, for each criterion, what evidence will need to be gathered to allow the groups to discuss and determine where we are in each criterion. We will continue this work in the make-up Faculty Meetings on Monday. Determining the evidence will allow for rich discussions that will, in turn, allow for a meaningful action plan that is aligned to our Student Learner Outcomes and critical areas of need.

CAHSEE Reminders

Two more days and CAHSEE will be here! A few reminders that will ensure for a smooth day and scores that will count...

  • Please make sure to remind your students what room they will be reporting to for the test. And just in case they forget, we will have posters on campus that will show their names and room numbers to report to.
  • Please remind students that no electronic device will be allowed on their person during the two testing days. This means that all cell phones must either be secured in their backpacks or momentarily surrendered to you for safekeeping until the test is over. This requirement is not new and we expect compliance from students.
  • Please remind students to bring an extra snack (protein is always good) in case their get hungry during the testing time. There will be a short in-class break where they will be able to consume their snacks.
  • It is critical that all content area materials on your walls be covered or removed. Yes, this includes not just ALL ELA and MATH materials such as sentence starters, writing guides, rubrics, formulas, and word walls but also ALL Social Science, Science, PE, and ALL OTHER COURSE materials including word walls, factoids, important events, how-to posters, etc.
  • It is also critical to cover or remove ALL student work.
  • The assistant principals and I will be inspecting all classrooms on Monday afternoon, starting at 4:00 PM to ensure that there will be nothing on the walls that may invalidate student scores. The CAHSEE is a high stakes test which our students will need to pass to graduate.
  • Please read all correspondence from Jaye Leigh--she is in charge of CAHSEE. If you have any questions, please see or E-mail her. She will be the best source of CAHSEE wisdom. She is, after all, the CAHSEE Queen.

Before You Leave For Spring Break...

We will once again be executing the energy-saving protocols that were put in place last December. You will need to complete the "red card" and tape it to your door. This means that before you leave for break, the following must be done:

  • Clean out refrigerators, unlug, and leave the refrigerator door open.
  • Unplug microwave.
  • Completely shut down computer, turn off the monitor, and unplug computer.
  • Completely turn off all electronics and unplug them.
  • Turn off the lights.

In addition, please secure all valuables that can easily "walk away" (you know what they are) in locked cabinets.

The office will be closed during the first week of the break. It will be open during the second week.

For the Common Good

  • TEHCNOLOGY UPGRADE: Teacher computers will be upgraded this year. What this means is all teachers will get their old computers swapped out for new ones. What this also means is you will have to save all your files on something else other than your desktop, such as in your Google Cloud or the H Drive, so when you receive your new computer, you will easily be able to access your files. No, Mr. Christensen will not save your desktop files for you...but he has created a great document that will take you ste by step on how to do this. I will E-mail it with this principal's update. I do not have an exact date as to when the teacher computers will be updated so it will be better to transfer your files sooner rather than later...
  • CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Asbestos abatement will occur in the 100 and 500 classrooms that will be updated over the summer. Teachers who will be moving have been informed. I will E-mail the latest master schedule that will reflect the room changes when we come back from break.
  • MORE CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Just when we thought our fields are almost ready, the rains exposed more parts of our campus that need repairs. Thank you for your patience with the mazes created by the necessity of repairing roofs and walls. I would like to look at these opportunities as glass is half-full--our facilities are getting repaired...

Doing The Right Thing is Who We Are...