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Should Your Child Be In Avid?

What Is Avid?

Avid is a 6-12 college prep program for students that are individually determined to be successful with their lives.

What Is Avid's Mission?

Avid's mission is too close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. Avid wants to bring students together and work on leadership skills and how to better ourselves.
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In avid we go by a system called WICOR:






Using this helps go deeper and farther into the learning material.

Why should your child be in avid?

There are lots of benefits that come in being in Avid.

  • Being able to collaborate with other students and talk about the things that may have went on in a particular class or lesson
  • Taking C-notes that will benefit you to help pass your classes and to reference back to
  • Having a good learning environment to be able to focus in.
  • It will offer your child an experience to make friends

A few things you should know...

Just like all programs there are requirements. With being in Avid their are a few things you should know.

  • When participating you have to keep a grade average of an A, B, or C. sense your in Avid this shouldn't be a problem
  • You have to make sure that your behavior is good. You can be removed from avid because of grades.
  • Also you have to be able too keep up with our work and the TRF's and the C-notes that will be given out in Avid.
  • Avid IS NOT a study hall. It IS NOT a class that you will be given the period to work. It is an actual class

Week At A Glance In Avid


-Work on your TRF's for the next day

-Check your grades


-Tutorial days: This is where you present your question from your TRF and you help others with their point of confusions


Avid WICOR day


-Tutorial day


-Guest speaker