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Workers not being treated right by big businessmen?

Workers of the Sinclair Meat Packing Plant speak up today about their working conditions, and how unsanitary the food is coming out of the plants. One worker stated, "An employee would scoop up meat that is piled up in the corner of a room with a shovel, and if there was a dead rat within the meat, a worker would not trouble themselves to take it out!" Others claim of the horrors of the storage areas, with rat feces on the floor and people falling into the boilers with the cooking meat. Due to these conditions, there will be an inspector arriving at the plant within a week, and until then, well, the workers will have to manage.

Safety First!

Progressivism is the favoring of progress, or the change and improvement as opposed to keeping things as they are. In this political cartoon, it shows the difference in business officials compared to the actual workers' well being, while all the business leaders are looking for profit. These business leaders treat their workers to poor, dangerous, and unsanitary working conditions for very low pay. Doesn't that sound like a great job?
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The United States Expands its Power and Influence to Japan

Hampton Roads, Virginia- Today, The Great White Fleet returned from their journey around the world. While they were on this journey for over a year, they stopped at twenty ports on six continents, including a port in Japan where we showed them who we are as Americans, and how powerful our military and navy is! The U.S. forced Japan to open its ports to trade, and we toppled Japan's policy of isolation!

Over the Top for You

This poster is here to remind you to buy U.S. Liberty bonds to help pay for the cost of the war. Once the war is over, you may cash out your bonds for a full refund. Go help support our troops, our nation, and our allies!
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War Update! What Caused This Terrible War?

Europe- The conflicts all started on June 28, 1914, when Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. European rivalries lead to the outbreak of war in 1914. Nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and alliances set the main stage for war. At the beginning time of this Great War, Kaiser Wilhelm II was the ruler of Germany, and on August 4, 1914, the German troops crossed the boarder into the neutral country of Belgium, which caused Great Britain to join in the war because they had promised to defend Belgium. Then came the war, with militaries using many weapons to kill their rivalries, including poison gas, machine guns, airplanes, tanks, and especially trench warfare. Tanks could cross through No Man's Land with ease, going right over the barbed wire fences to the other enemy lines, being protected by the heavy metal sides of the tank. It soon turned out, though, that trench warfare created a stalemate, or deadlock, resulting in using new weapons and technology, especially poison gas that could be thrown to the opposite enemy line.

Movies! Radios! Entertainment!

After the invention of Phonographs, Radios come along, revolutionizing our music industry! Although many people have different opinions about jazz music, most jazz right now is blues-type tunes. Want a new form of entertainment? Movies are becoming very popular throughout the 1920's, especially for people who returned from war. Most movies or films as of now are silent, except for films accompanied by live musicals. All of you out there wanting to see a movie, head on over to your nearest theater to see a film today, or if you're in a bit of a pinch, go on over to a Nickelodeon to see a film today!

A Crowd of Fans at a Chicago Cubs Game!

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Chicago, Illinois- On November 16, 1926, plans are announced to double-deck Wrigley Field, increasing the seating capacity to 40,000.

Todays Daily States' Announcements

California has been spotting more and more ethnic diversity over the past few decades, with races of every kind here in California. After the devastating 1906 Earthquake, the effects reached 375,000 square miles of land, in which was including the Pacific Ocean, devastating northern California areas such as Santa Rosa, San Jose, and Santa Cruz. It caused more than $400 million in damages, and over 225,000 people were left homeless. Fires that erupted caused 28,000 building to be damaged or destroyed.

Texas's Spindletop Hill (1901) blew oil for nine whole days, resulting in our modern oil industries for our cars. The hill is over 150 feet high, and produces around 100,000 barrels a day. Texaco, Exxon, and Gulf Oil started from this major boom in the oil industry.

Louisiana was hit by the Great Flood of 1927, effecting 27,000 square miles of land, and in some places, up to 30 feet deep, which is deep enough to cover an entire ranch house! To prevent another flood like it, the government built the world's longest system of levees and floodways. Over 700,000 people were displaced and sent to relief camps.

Arizona's Grand Canyon attracts over five million visitors annually, and at its widest point, it is over 15 miles across! Try jumping that! Most of the Grand Canyon consists of rock that is one mile deep, and 227 miles long. Erosion was the main way that the Grand Canyon was formed, and every plant and animal that lives here has a specialized adaptation that allows them to survive in different ecosystems.

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Today's Classified Advertisements and Sales!

"For Sale"- Typewriter for sale! Write letters quickly and easily for $25.00.

"Wanted"- Phonograph wanted! Listen to your favorite old tunes! Reward- $15.00.

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"Wanted"- Tanks wanted for the New York Museum to display! $1,000.00 for a non-usable tank!

"Services"- Sewer needed! Help fix ripping clothing! $30.00-$40.00.

"Services"- Navy Crewmen needed for the U.S.! Help with the war cause! $16,000.00 annually.