By: Quinn Kennedy

Failure and Final Failure

Failure happens all the time to everyone. Someone fails a test, meh, it happens. That is a failure. A final failure is when someone gives up after a failure and goes home, sits on their couch and does nothing all day. If someone fails and gives up it is a final failure. If someone does not give up then it is just a failure and there is a learning experience and they have the potential to do something great. People are more prone to final failure if they have never tasted defeat, but this is only a tendency.

Someone who did not allow them self to have a final failure is Albert Einstein. He failed in school, yet he is of the smartest people ever. He had some speech difficulties making it harder to talk. This was not good for him in school and he did not really do well and felt alienated. He did not give up on his work in the long run and became a success. The point is do not have a final failure, do not give up because if you, do, and it is in something you love, you will not prosper.



The Solution for Giving Up

So you failed, have fun with that, just do not give up. Too many people give up after one failure. This is not good. The dilemma is that the people give up and do not get any better at what they were previously doing. They do not learn from mistakes or failures. Take Mozart, known as the greatest musicians of all time. He got rejected from a court of musicians. He did not give up on music and is now considered of the greatest composers, musicians, etc. ever. Too many people give up too easily is the problem

The solution to this ts that people should continue working and if that does not work, then work harder. Lets say a musician fails an audition. They work harder for the next time to succeed. They get in and they got better in the time elapsed where they work harder. While there was a different person in the same predicament, and he gave up and did not get better or prosper. In conclusion do not give up, or as Winston Churchill eloquently stated "Never give in, never, never..."


Step by Step Recovery From Failure

So you failed, that's gotta be rough for you. It will be hard to get back up from your potentially epic fail. Remember, failure is not exactly the end, but something that happened to you that was particularly unfavorable. The first step to get back up completely from failure is to accept, yes, you failed. Also something you could do during this which is essentially the same is to think that most successful people had failed at one point. The second step is to keep trying at it and if that does not work try harder. Do not give up, especially if what you failed in is something you want to do and are passionate about. The final step is to not look back on the failure. If you look back, even in the physical world, you are bound to stumble again. Not looking back is something you need to do if you want to not feel bad that it happened and feel like a success.

Most famous and successful people have failed and got up using some steps that worked for them. Take Bill Gates, of the richest and most successful men alive. The first Microsoft software for computers only sold to hobbyists due to the fees, and it didn't sell well overall, and it was illegally distributed for free. Also, Gates himself actually originally perused a career in law. Now he is a billionaire and is extremely successful. He got back up from failures and became a success and so can you.


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Failure and its Effects

Failure is the cause of one of quite a few random things that could happen due to failure, like someone giving up or other events. The cause of say perseverance is failure and the cause of failure is not being satisfactory by some standards or something happening to you that you caused that was unfavorable to you. The first cause is something you did that could be considered failing, the effect is failure, and the effect of failure could be a number of things, but, sticking with the theme the main two are giving up a and perseverance.

Apple company failed at the start. Their Apple 1 did not sell favorably. This is the cause of what is considered failure. They failed then, but they kept on going and made the Apple 2 which did a lot better. Fast forward a few decades and Apple is now one of the most successful company ever. This failure caused perseverance. This is not even getting started on another failure, the Apple Pippin. In conclusion, failure can be caused by a lot and cause various things.


What is Failure?

Failure is not the end, as discussed earlier. A failure is a weight carried on your shoulders at all times, or at least, that is how it feels. It also feels like you are choking up a little bit. It is just like you are mad at yourself. That is the point, only you can cause failure, or something you are involved in. You usually feel dissatisfied with what happened to you. Failure, in a first person sense, only happens to you.

Lets take an example from my personal life. I did not make it into a high level orchestra that I had to audition for. I caused it by not working as hard as I could. I felt bad for myself, but only had myself to blame. I was slightly choking up because this meant a lot to me personally. I just felt bad. Yet, one failure does not necessarily matter as long as you keep trying at what you want. If you eventually make it, you are a success.