Lincoln Cluster Schools Newsletter

May 2021

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Hello Lincoln Cluster Families

Greetings Lincoln Cluster Families,

What a year it has been! We are coming up to the end of year promotions and graduations, and much jubilee is in the air, as we approach these important milestones for our scholarly students. If you haven’t done so already, please take advantage of our Level Up San Diego Summer Experience by going to the website and enrolling your student into the 4 to 6 week options based on grade level. The morning sessions will be hands-on, minds-on, STEAM integrated, project based learning experiences K-12, with some opportunities to work with and/or visit industry partners on field excursions. Additionally, there is an afternoon opportunity for an extended learning day with many options to choose from and they are filling up quickly, as they are provided by many of our city partners. And if you haven’t heard yet, then just a reminder, that we are returning to school, full time, for all 5 days of the week in the Fall, and we are excited to see your son and/or daughter back on one of our Lincoln campuses, and we are eager to continue to strengthen our parent and family partnerships and engagement efforts, as we know that learning needs to continue at home, and is critical for our youth to gain the necessary skills to be successful beyond the classroom and into the community, and beyond into college and career. Happy end-of-year celebrations! We have lots to be thankful for, and I am grateful for you and your partnership with our schools. Together we are strongest, and together we will continue to build the best neighborhood schools for our young people to attend. Be well everyone!

Bruce R. Bivins
Area 1 Superintendent

Lincoln High School

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Lincoln High School

College & Career Pathways
Even in the midst of a pandemic and the never-ending challenges of distance learning, we had 11 cohorts of freshmen participate in cross-curricular Project Based Learning through first semester. We have two project groups that will be representing Lincoln High School in the Annual CCTE Showcase, June 3rd at 2pm. Special thanks to Jade Khaiaphone, Alani Leonard and Aime Bakundakize and Lathaniel (LT) Barnes for volunteering to represent the Hive!

Class of 2024 Pathway Acceptance Letters hit student email boxes last week! These students will the continue in the revived researched-based strategy of building community and support through learning as a part of student cohorts according to their assigned Pathways. Teachers in each Pathway will work in teams to guide students through Project Based Learning where they will research and seek to understand the needs of our community and using the Design Thinking Model, define a problem to tackle and then ideate, protype and test their ideas for achieving social justice as it relates to the theme of their College & Career Pathway. We are excited to expand our course offerings next year to include classes that are specific to the industry themed pathways such as BioAnimitronics, Technical Theater, Video Production, and Human Body Systems. Teachers with industry-related experience will add additional excellence to a rich tradition of quality classes and instruction such Computer Science Discoveries, Engineering, and Fire Protection Technology. The invaluable lessons from the former Administration of Justice pathway will now be incorporated into our school-wide theme of Lincoln High School Pathways for Social Justice and the elements of our projects. Students will continue to have access to both Law Club (meeting in room 547 Tuesdays at 12:30 and on zoom) and our competitive Mock Trial Team.

Knox Middle School

Knox Middle

Thank you Knox families for all of your support this year. It has been a year with incredible change and your partnership and flexility has been outstanding. We look forward to implementing some of the new programs we have developed this year next year at Knox, including: Thursday Movement Be Zoom assemblies, grad-level websites, Knox Parent Corner, and 1:1 student laptop programming.

This summer, Knox will be offering a Summer Experience program for students in the morning and additional camps in the afternoon. Parents can register through the Level Up website linked above. She Leads will be one of the camps offered to Knox students after school.

Knox Alumni Graduating From Lincoln and their future Universities!! WOW!! CONGRATS!!

M. Soto: UC Berkeley

C. Johnson: Mesa College

O. Flores: UCSD

U. Huerta will graduating early as an 11th grader this year!

P. Alvarez: UCSD
K. Calderson: UCSD
F. Gutierrez: UCLA
O. Hayder: CSU San Marcos
G. Mendoza: SDSU
R. Sanchez: UCSD

5th Grade families- Please bring your completed registration packet to the office at Knox from 8:00-3:00 by June 14th

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Millennial Tech Middle School

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Phase II has been a great success at Millennial Tech Middle School. We have welcomed back nearly 52% of our students for in-person learning. Due to the high demand, we currently offer 2 days of in-person learning. We cannot wait until we get to have full-day experiences. Our staff is so elated to be seeing our students in-person and are eagerly awaiting the day when all students can return back to the classroom experience.

Promotion is quickly approaching. We will be hosting a drive-thru promotion, equipped with music, balloons, photo booths, bubbles, and a cheering staff. Come prepared to exit the car for quick photo opportunities, as you celebrate this milestone with your child. Promotion will be on June 15th from 12:30 to 2:30.

Currently, we are still testing our English Language Learners using the ELPAC. This test consists of four parts—Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. All students are taking the DEMI math assessment, the English Language Arts FAST assessment, and Social-emotional survey. This data is to help provide schools with accountability data and is being given in lieu of the normal SBAC (State Test).

If you would like to learn more about Millennial Tech Middle School, please contact us at 619-362-4650 or by email at:

Porter Elementary School

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Porter Elem.

Throughout this year we have been able to have Monthly Morning Meetings with all of our students and families via Zoom. Many of our meetings would be focused on celebrating students and teachers, reminding our community about always Living the Porter Way, and having Porter Pride. We also used this time to continue to connect and reconnect with our students and families as a learning community. Now that many students are back on campus, we have changed our Morning Meetings slightly to be more focused on our work with Restorative Justice Practices and supporting our students with their Social Emotional Health. We now meet in grade spans one Friday out of the month via Zoom and use the time to check-in with our students and read some literature that focuses on our students' well-being. This month, our RJP Coordinator, Brenda Mendez, supported us with three books that were chosen to connect with what each grade-level span needed for their learning. We read about being the best YOU possible, the power of Yet, and how to process ALL of the feelings we encounter in our daily lives. We enjoyed the comments and connections our students made and have further discussed these topics at school in our classrooms. Our most important aim at Porter Elementary is to ensure that our students are learning in an environment that is Safe, Collaborative, and Inclusive where our students truly feel they have agency within our school community. Opportunities to get together like this with our students is paramount to their learning and them feeling like they are loved and cared for by all staff. This work will always be part of our focus as we do what is best for our students at Porter.

Baker Elementary School

Baker Elem.

Baker Elementary would like to pay tribute to our wonderful Building Services Supervisor, Alex Estrada. He helped to make our re-opening amazing for our students by working with teachers to set up their classrooms. He created outdoor learning areas in our gardens and hallways where students attend music therapy, future engineers work on meaningful projects, and future scientists observe and learn about nature. He actively promotes every single one of our projects, including our final celebration honoring our 5th grade students who will be promoting to middle school! Thank you Mr. Alex, for always being willing to go Above and Beyond to support our Baker Bobcats!

Nye Elementary School

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Nye Elem.

KGTV, KFMB, KNSD and Fox News hosted and invited Dr.Thompson and several Nye students to the press event about LEVEL UP SAN DIEGO - Dr. Thompson's comments are below.

We are so excited to be here today to personally thank the San Diego Foundation and Girl Scouts for their efforts to support inner city and urban students this summer by providing opportunities that are usually out of their families reach due to cost and/or transportation. These valuable resources such as hand on science camps will provide our students with the learning and enrichment necessary to begin the transition back to normalcy. In addition, the Level up summer program with help level the playing field for our struggling and at-risk students this summer in the area of STEM education. I encourage all of the San Diego Unified School district students to participate.

Why: Starting Wednesday (May 26) parents can register San Diego Unified students for teacher-led instruction and summer activities offered by more than 65 local nonprofits at All instruction and activities are FREE.

Valencia Park Elementary School

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Balboa Elementary School

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Balboa Elem.

Chavez Elementary School

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Chavez Elem.

This month of May is full of celebrations. We have Mother's Day, Teachers week, Classified week, National Speech Pathologist Day. More than ever, I am impressed by everyone’s cleverness, resourcefulness, imagination, flexibility, passion, and strength, as we have navigated unprecedented challenges over the past two months. Now more than ever, I am proud to be one of the Chavistas, and grateful to have such wonderful co-workers like you all.

Horton Elementary School

Horton Elem. -

Horton’s re-opening has been an exciting time which has allowed our students and staff to re-connect. Our students were so excited to be back on campus engaging (safely from a distance) with their classmates and teachers. Horton is able to offer four days of instruction, with the 6th hour of enrichment for students. Activities for the 6th hour include art, health and well-being such as yoga, lots of sports and games, gardening, additional literacy and math support, and additional hands-on science enrichment. As we wind down the school year, our 5th grade students are looking forward to fun end-of-year activities and promotion. Horton is also a host site for the Summer Experience; we’re enrolling students for an exciting summer of learning!

La reapertura de Horton ha sido un momento emocionante que ha permitido a nuestros estudiantes y personal volver a conectarse. Nuestros estudiantes estaban muy emocionados de estar de regreso en el campus participando (de manera segura desde la distancia) con sus compañeros y maestros. Horton puede ofrecer cuatro días de instrucción, con la sexta hora de enriquecimiento para los estudiantes. Las actividades de la sexta hora incluyen arte, salud y bienestar como yoga, muchos deportes y juegos, jardinería, apoyo adicional en la lectura y las matemáticas, y enriquecimiento de las ciencias. Al terminar el año escolar, nuestros estudiantes de quinto grado esperan divertidas actividades y la promocion de fin de año. Horton también es un plantel seleccionado para Summer Experience; estamos inscribiendo estudiantes para un verano de aprendizaje y experiencia extracurricular.

Webster Elementary School

Webster Elementary

Hi Everyone,

What a Year! It is hard to believe we are nearing the end. At Webster, things have been going great. It has been a joy having students back on site. We continue to add students as they begin to feel safer coming back on site. Webster is averaging above 70% of our students on site.

I am very excited to announce Webster has been awarded the multi-million dollar Federal Government STEAM Grant. I will be meeting with district officials during the summer to learn about and plan for this fantastic opportunity for our students and staff.

We continue to push our academics and we are excited to how well our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will do on the end of the year standardized tests. Testing will begin at the end of May. Even with the difficulties of teaching during COVID, we focused on writing as our data indicated there was a need. This academic focus will continue next year as well.

At this time, I want to thank the Lincoln Community for supporting us, looking out for us, and always having our backs when in need. We came together during this unbelievable crisis and we did it. We not only survived but many of us have thrived. Be well, take care and we will see you in the fall.

Encanto Elementary School

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Encanto Elementary

With the return of students, came the return to the Encanto Garden. Feeling the year of campus closure and neglect, the garden was in need of some TLC. Ms. Lucy Meyer, science teacher extraordinaire, took on the challenge with help from our youngest learners. She had TK and Kindergarten students paint their own rocks and incorporate donated ones. While students and staff were sheltered at home, some spent time painting rocks. After some much needed clean up, the students went through the garden placing rocks around our planters and filling the Kindness Rock Garden. They also discovered that the peach tree continued to grow and produce sweet peaches which were enjoyed by students and staff alike. We look forward to students remaining on campus and being able to nurture our garden and students in the years to come. Principal Mandler

Chollas-Mead Elementary School

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Chollas-Mead Elem.

How I Feel About Being Back To School by Chollas Mead Scholars:

In my opinion school is SO FUN, even though we have to wear our masks all day long. Besides that we have so much fun here! I also want to make a shoutout to my 4th grade teacher, Ms. Ritchey. She makes school so fun for everyone. It doesn't matter if the kids or teachers are in our class or online, but she makes everyone happy.

When we are in class we do fun projects. For example, this one time we made buildings with marshmallows and toothpicks, then we put it on Jell-O to see if it would fall or not. Also, we had a picnic, but we had to be six feet apart of course. But how do I feel about being back in school? I feel great!
- Written by Nahlee

Now that I don’t have to be on zoom for like 2 hours, I feel that school is so much better. It is super fun being back because I get to be in-person with my friends and teacher. Not only that but all the programs my school has here are very fun. I feel happy to be here because everyone is super respectful, caring and kind. My favorite things about being back would probably be that you get way more explanations about homework from your teacher and you don’t have to deal with bad Wifi all the time.
- Written by Eleanor Hooper

Being back at school is fun because i learn better. I am not stressed. it's fun being back because we get to see our friends, we communicate more and we have more programs that are fun like, PGP, 6th hour and guitar club. We get to interact with each other and socialize more.
-Written by Edwin Q

Johnson Elementary School

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Johnson Elem.

Thank you to the Johnson Community for a Great Year! It's not quite over yet, but we want to thank the students, the families and the Johnson Staff for all of your work and dedication to educating the students! We overcame the challenges and persevered! You are the best! It is appreciated!

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