The Manchester Record

Boy suspended from school for being patriotic?

According to high school student Philip Malloy and his father, Harrison High School Assistant Principal has suspended young Malloy for singing the National Anthem during his homeroom class. On the morning of Friday March 30, Philip was sent to the Assistant Principals office by Miss Margaret Narwin for singing "The Star Spangled Banner" during the morning announcements. Philip was sent to Dr. Palleni's office twice in one week for singing along. Philip was suspended for two days, he is to return to school on Tuesday, April 1st.

I first spoke to Superintendent Dr. Albert Seymour. Dr. Seymour seems to have no idea as to what has happened with the suspension of Philip Malloy. I asked him if there was such a rule at Harrison High School where it bans the singing the national anthem and he said "Of course not. Whatever gave you that idea? Who told you that?". As it seems, he claims that there is no such rule at Harrison High. What he told me is that "The answer is no. We do not have such a rule. Absolutely." When I asked him certain questions about the incident, he replied with answers like, "Beg Pardon?" and, "Hogwash. You should check your resources." It seems, that one of the highest leaders of the school board has not been informed of a suspension. I then interviewed the Principal of Harrison High School, Dr. Gertrude Doane. To my surprise, Dr. Doane did not seem to have any prior knowledge of Malloy's suspension. Dr. Doane stated that "Discipline problems are usually in the hands of my assistant principal, Dr. Palleni.". It is supposed to be of school rule, that the assistant principal must inform his/her superior of a suspension in the school. I asked Dr. Doane of there was such a rule at her school that a student would run into difficulty for singing "The Star Spangled Banner" and she said "Of course not.". Dr. Doane mentioned her assistant at the school, Dr. Joseph Palleni. I then interviewed him for more information. I told him that his principal Dr. Doane stated that disciplinary problems is what he was in charge of. I also asked him if he informed Dr. Doane of the suspension he put on young Malloy, but there seemed to be no such evidence. Dr. Palleni did not wish to comment on this subject matter, or to be quoted. I lastly spoke to Miss Margaret Narwin. Miss Narwin is an english teacher at Harrison High School that has been teaching for twenty-one years. Miss Narwin stated that "The boy was creating a disturbance." during the playing of the national anthem. Miss Narwin stated the the school has a rule, but Dr. Seymour said that there was no such rule. Miss Narwin did acknowledge that she sent Malloy from her room.

My view on the subject matter is that since Dr. Palleni did not inform Dr. Doane directly of this incident, Dr. Doane did not have any idea as to what was happening in her own school. If Dr. Doane did not know, then how was the superintendent Dr. Seymour supposed to know of this incident. It seems that if Dr. Palleni would have informed his superiors immediately, some of these issues could have been resolved. My question is, why is Miss Narwin sending out her student for a rule that apparently does not exist in the school? Miss Narwin stated that Malloy was creating a disturbance, but why should that matter if he was singing the song of our home country?