VCR Lesson 1 Presentation

Ife Adewumi

Fill in the blank

Because of Daniel's mother, a constant _________, he and his wife contemplated divorce.


Interloper (n.)

- one who intrudes by meddling or trespassing on the rights of others.

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When the English combined "inter-" and "-loper" in the 1500s, there was already the word landloper, for a "person who runs around the land." The "-loper" part of "interloper" is related to Middle Dutch and Old English words meaning to "run" and "leap." Therefore, an interloper is one who "leaps" into matters they were not invited to.


  • intruder
  • trespasser
  • invader
  • meddler


  • native
  • domestic

Choose the letter of the sentence that uses the bold-faced word incorrectly.

A) The interloping stranger was welcomed at the weekly town meeting.

B) The boisterous group of students in the library were regarded as bothersome interlopers.

C) The bride's distress was caused by the insurmountable amount of interlopers that found the location of her wedding.

D) The Providence High School students hollered at the Ardrey Kell interlopers as they strolled through the student section.

The correct asnwer is A.

Explanation: In this sentence the interloper is welcomed into the meeting, this directly contrasts with the true meaning of an interloper.