Great Barrier Reef

By: Logan Powers

The Great Barrier Reef Vacation

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest Coral Reef in the world. This vacation destination is off the coast of Australia and is one of the mot visited spots in Australia. The reef includes the largest variety of different fish and corals you can find. This vacation wll include everything you need to have a fun week visiting the Great Barrier Reef.


American: $1189

Delta: $1405

United: $1255

Things to do on Your Vacation

Taronga Zoo: $55 Adult, $30 Child

Sydney Biking tour: $75

Great Barrier Reef Adventure: $224 Adult, $116 Child

Great Barrier Reef Adventure with Green Island: $244 Adult, $128 Child

Snorkeling Tour: $99

Hotel Prices

Pullman Hotel $130

Shangri-La hotel: $130

Cairns Aquarius: $210

Places to eat


Annees capri

Cruze Coffee

Little Vegas Burger and Bar

Warnings and Risks

There are a few risks to watch out for on this vacation...

First of all being the risk of shark attacks because Australia has a lot of sharks that live and feed right off their shore.

the second would be the risk of the equipment failing during your dive into the great barrier reef. It doesn't happen often but is definitely a risk.

Things you'll see

In the Great Barrier reef you may see Angel fish, Cardinal fish, butterfly fish, Great white sharks, plenty of corals and a lot more fish.