Watkins Word!

Teacher Edition May 9 - 13, 2016


Late week was amazing! The PTA went above exemplary! I think I put on 10 pounds and smiled the entire week! Thank you for all the beautiful gifts and kind words. I am honored and blessed to work with such fantastic group of professionals that I am so very connected to. Amy was able to return to work and gaining her health back, Blessing #1, Ana has be able a accepted her bed rest and the baby is doing well, Blessing #2, We have a wonderful PTA that truly cares and respects us, Blessing #3. We have an amazing School Board that wants to do what is right for kids, Blessing #4. Our homes are beginning to be repaired and a security and hope return to our lives, Blessing #5. Our 3rd and 4th graders are prepared for success with STAAR, Blessing #6. I could continue but will stop.

Let's have a great week of learning and gratitude!

Thursday, May 12th

PLC's - RTI updates with data collections

2:45pm: Talent Show try outs

3:30pm: New Dual Language Teacher Meeting ESC

Friday, 13th

7:45am: Wrangler Round Up

8:30am: George W. Bush student meeting in cafeteria (Dual Language classes K- 3)

9am: Kindergarten practice- Cafeteria

Pay Day Hey Day!

2:45pm: Young Rembrandts

2:45pm: Engineers club

2:45pm: Talent Show Auditions

6pm: Galaxy of the Stars Banquet - Julie W. and Cheryl will be recognized for their Exemplary Skills