The things you need to know.

Who is at risk?

People who live in damp, humid or crowded conditions. People who sweat a lot, and wear tight clothing are more likely to get it too. Anyone who plays in a contact sport also have a high tendency to get ringworm.

What are the health risks?

Ringworm can spread from one place to another. Most commonly to the feet, nails, scalp, and beard.

What type of pathogen is it?

Ringworm is a fungal infection.

How can ringworm be transmitted?

You can get ringworm by coming in direct or indirect contact with the infected person.

i.e. Playing in the sand, wearing the same hat, and touching the infected spot.

How can you prevent getting ringworm?

You should not share hats, towels, combs, or hair accessories. You should keep school areas clean, because that is an easy transmission area. Make sure to keep gym areas and places where people sweat clean too. Also don't go playing in the sand or dirt, because that is where they are commonly found.

How do you treat ringworm?

Once you get it, and you go to the doctors to get it examined, they will give you a medicated ointment to put on it. Make sure to follow the instructions for the medicine.

Where does ringworm occur?

Ringworm occurs EVERYWHERE to EVERYONE!!!!!